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Datameer Blog

Priceline.com Negotiates Big Data with Datameer!

By on November 18, 2015

You know what they say about the Negotiator… he gets hotel deals that nobody else can get, because “he knows a guy.” Actually, he seems to know a lot of guys all over the world, over 60,000 in fact.

Considered the leader in online and mobile travel, priceline.com is valued at $68 billion, more than Internet giants like eBay, Yahoo, or Netflix. It has gone through several growth spurts, including the acquisition of five companies in the last two years. This expansion has led to extensive increases in data volumes, sources and complexity that its traditional technology approaches couldn’t handle. More acutely, priceline.com’s traditional technology approaches were stretching IT resources and delaying time-to-insight for business users.

Priceline.com has turned to Datameer to address these problems head on. Priceline is using Datameer to aggregate all of its data, both structured and unstructured, to better understand customer behavior, and improve offer effectiveness and operational processes. Now, priceline.com’s business analysts can work directly with all of their disparate data sources during every phase of the big data analytics workflow, including data integration, preparation, analytics and visualization, without needing to wait for IT.

“Timely decisions are a key component to our business and with our legacy tools, our business analysts had to rely on IT to build out time-consuming and complex reports. Datameer will give our business analysts quick and direct access to their data, and allow our technical team to focus on delivering great products and services for our customers instead of internal analytical needs.” — Mike Diliberto, CIO of Priceline.com

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