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How is Datameer different than [insert your favorite BI tool here]?

By on April 2, 2015

I’m constantly speaking with people about who we are, what we do and, of course, how we do it. One of the questions that seems to come up in most of my conversations is, “How is Datameer different than [insert your favorite BI tool here]?”

Well I’ve got a few answers for you. Generally, it comes down to 3 things:

Reporting vs. Discovering BI tools are awesome at reporting, but the real value of Big Data & being data driven lies in the ability to do data discovery. Datameer democratizes data and enables any type of user across your organization, Business to IT, to not just produce static reports but to discover insights in all of your data (structured & unstructured) without a schema or up-front ETL process. Do you have a use case in mind, but want the freedom to poke around as the data dictates? Want to dig in and experiment, maybe try different data combinations without having to bring in IT to set you up? Then you want Datameer.


All of your data vs. Some of your data With business intelligence tools, you’re working with structured, often aggregated data only, which is often stored in an expensive, proprietary environment that is expensive and painful to scale. With Datameer, you can work with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in its raw form, leveraging commodity hardware and open-source infrastructure (either on-premise or in the cloud), which is cheaper and easier to scale.


Insights now vs. Insights in months (ETL vs. ELT) So you needed those insights yesterday—Well, Data integration & analytics are no small feat with business intelligence. You must know the question you intend to answer ahead of time, then turn to IT to model your data to answer specific question(s). This is “Schema on write” (or as I like to call it, “Schema on Wrong”), or the process of modeling your data before storing it, based on guesses about what’s important or what you might find in it. This process can take several months. And, any time you want to ask a different question, or perhaps add a new data source— it’s back to the starting line.


Data integration & analytics with Datameer are as simple as following a wizard and using a spreadsheet that has all the functions you need to get there. And that ‘wizard’ isn’t someone from IT– it’s a few clicks, built right into our platform. By empowering all types of users, you have more eyes on the prize and are now driving all of your data for truly the fastest time to insights.

In short, Datameer is quite different from traditional BI tools. We enable your entire business to move beyond producing reports and become data driven in hours, not months.

This is by no means a case to rip and replace your current BI tool. Datameer plays nicely in your analytics toolkit. In fact, Datameer even integrates with Tableau so you can get your big data insights in Datameer then seamlessly visualize your results in Tableau if you want. But if you are looking for a solution that goes beyond traditional reporting and lets you truly discover the hidden insights in your data in hours instead of months, take a look at Datameer. Want to learn more? Sign up for a free 15-minute demo here.



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Andrew Brust

Andrew is Datameer's Sr. Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence. He covers big data and analytics for ZDNet, is conference co-chair for Visual Studio Live! and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.