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Datameer in Life Sciences: Analyzing plant genetics with big data tools

By on June 29, 2012

Ever look at a plant and wonder what secrets are hidden in its genetic code? Or even what’s hidden in our own genetic code? The fact is, until now, it was extremely difficult to ingest and process (let alone visualize) all the data required to unveil those secrets. Today, we’re really pleased to announce that we’re offering a free license of Datameer for qualifying academic research.

So, what sort of things are possible in the world of research with Datameer? While the possibilities are practically endless, we spent some time with Dr. Douglas Grubb of the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry in Halle, Germany, to talk about his research. Dr. Grubb is conducting genetic research on the biology of plants, specifically the Arabidopsis thaliana, which is known as a model plant for studying things like genetics, evolution and plant sciences. Dr. Grubb and Hans-Henning Gabriel, one of our data scientists, worked together to discern some of the insights that can be gleaned from this type of genetic information. In their research, they take part of the genetic sequence of the plant and study the way the molecules correlate to each other using Datameer.

In these videos, Dr. Grubb talks at length about genetic research and data, large genomic-sequence data sets, and the problems he and his colleagues faced prior to using Datameer.

Dr Grubb on gene sequences and large data sets from Datameer on Vimeo.

Dr Grubb on correlated variation in genome sequences from Datameer on Vimeo.

Dr Grubb on analyzing mutual information from Datameer on Vimeo.

Dr Grubb on discovering new molecules from Datameer on Vimeo.

To learn even more about Dr. Grubb’s work and how Datameer can be used in RNA sequencing, click here.  To get a free license for your own research, please apply here. And don’t forget, we also offer a free trial you can play with in the meantime!

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