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Datameer Blog

Datameer & Google Cloud Platform Bring Freedom of Choice to Customers

By on October 29, 2014

With two of the biggest trends of our time (Cloud & Big Data) quickly converging, it’s no surprise that TechCrunch said data analytics was becoming a priority for cloud providers when it reported on the news about Google Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop earlier this year. In a world where on-premise storage struggles to keep up with new data volumes, Google’s move brings us closer to what may become the new reality: cloud-based data storage for big data analytics. Recognizing this shift, we have worked with Google and Kenshoo to build a connector that makes it possible for you to enjoy the best of both worlds: Google Cloud Storage and Datameer.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Datameer’s end-to-end big data analytics application is integrated on Google’s Cloud Platform. Now you can choose Google Cloud Storage as your main data store, instead of HDFS, and still get the same self-service and end-to-end big data analytics experience you expect from Datameer. Additionally, if your data is already in Google Cloud Storage we have a connector to read that data. With the ability to run Hadoop directly using Google Cloud Storage, users can improve data accessibility, scalability and interoperability, while lowering overhead costs and shortening start up times. In addition, users can take advantage of Google’s large data processing legacy and even experience improved performance over local storage. According to a Google Cloud Platform blog post, using the Hadoop connector resulted in an average execution time savings of 26.2 percent when compared to Local Disk HDFS (with copy times).

Bigger picture, this means is even more freedom of choice for Datameer customers. We always joke we’re the “Switzerland” of big data analytics. We don’t care what Hadoop distribution you choose, whether you want to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, where your data is coming from, what format it’s in, how much of it you have… it’s all about enabling anyone to do big data analytics in the way that makes the most sense for their use case or business.


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Jigz Mehta