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Datameer Geekout: Google Fusion Import

By on April 3, 2013

A couple months ago, I showed off some Hive Plots I worked on as part of our ongoing Datameer Geekout projects. We’ve done a few more Geekouts since then and I thought I’d share my latest project — the ability to import both private and publicy available data from Google Fusion Tables into Datameer.

Google Fusion Tables is a really cool repository of thousands of publicly available datasets. You can use the fulltext search to hunt for all kinds of data sets to use for your analytics and visualization projects.

Let me show how easy it is to work with Google Fusion data with a quick example. I’ll make a simple data comparison visualization of GDP spending in countries around the world.

First, I type in the following keywords into the Google Fusion fulltext search field.

“gdp healthcare spending”
“gdp military spending”
“gdp education per country”

I’m able to access and import three data sources to be used for my simple visualization.

Google Fusion Datameer Import
Google Fusion Import


Google Fusion Import_jobs
Google Fusion Import_jobs


In Datameer, I create a workbook with the three imported data sources, and do some data cleansing afterwards
(trimming country names to be joined, converting values to numbers, stripping currency signs. etc.)
and then join the the data sources through a join sheet.

Google Fusion Workbook
Google Fusion Workbook


Finally, using a Multi- Bar Chart, I visualize the GDP spending percentage per sector.

Google Fusion Visualization
Google Fusion Visualization


And there you have it! Google Fusion data, imported, cleansed and visualized in Datameer.

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Karel Kolman