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Datameer + Bigstep: Big Data Analytics for Your Department Now, Not in Months

By on March 30, 2015

Here’s the problem. Businesses understand that unless they want to get left behind, they need to get started finding value in their big data right now. And “right now” means they can’t just sit around waiting for an enterprise-wide on-premise deployment. But, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up security or performance, or break the bank, for that matter.

Last month, we unveiled Datameer Professional, the first big data analytics platform for Hadoop-as-a-Service. In North America, we’re working with AltiScale, and in EMEA, we’ve teamed up with Bigstep, the company behind the Full Metal Cloud, the world’s highest performance cloud, purpose built for big data. In other words, now departments can get started integrating, preparing, analyzing and visualizing all of their data immediately.

To better understand what this means for your organization, check out our on-demand webinar with Altiscale if you’re in NA, and with Bigstep, if you’re in EMEA. A few teaser’s from the Bigstep webinar, for example:

Speed: It takes just 20 minutes to get Datameer up and running on Bigstep’s Full Metal. Deployment requires no IT, DevOps, or programming resources. No waiting for servers to be delivered or provisioned, or for on-premise software to be configured.

Performance: Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytic engines reach up to 500% better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualized public clouds.

Security: The Full Metal Cloud is ISO 27001:2013 certified and also compliant to the new GDPR and the NIS Directive.

Cost: It’s a myth that on-premise is cheaper than a cloud deployment. You always get the latest and best solutions with cloud deployments, with market competitive pricing.

Be sure to watch the full webinar to hear the full benefits of Datameer running on Bigstep’s Full Metal.

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Susan O'Brien Datameer

Susan O'Brien

Susan O'Brien is Vice President of Marketing at Datameer.