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Datameer Blog

Data Science for the Masses

By on November 21, 2012

“Finally, Data Science you can Download” sums up what the Analytic App Market has made possible.  The demand for big data analytics means that available data science experts far exceeds the supply.  There is also a skills gap in big data; business users and subject matter experts understand their business problems, but they don’t necessarily have the skills needed to get the insights from their data.

We created the Datameer Analytics App Market to address this exact issue. It gives business users a marketplace to find and download pre-built applications that gets them the insights they need without having to start from scratch.  And it gives data scientists a place to package and sell their expertise to a larger audience in the form of a packaged application. The following video gives a good example. Henning Gabriel, a data scientist at Datameer, built a free app that provides Brand Sentiment analytics from Twitter data. In the video he explains how you can customize the app to view the sentiment of your brand on Twitter.

Our in-house data scientists have stocked the Analytics App Market with over 30 free apps. Don’t see what you’re looking for but would like an app built for your needs? Request an app by posting an idea on our Request an App forum.

Interested in building an analytics app and selling it on the App Market? Download the free trial of Datameer. We have also created an App Creation Checklist to understand what is needed to publish your app.

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