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“Big Data” Even Bigger In the News… One Year Later

By on August 14, 2013

Well, time flies huh? It’s already been over a year since I last did an analysis on who is writing about “Big Data” in tech press. You can see the full results of the analysis here, and the step-by-step “how I did it” here.

This year I thought I’d take things a step (or three) further and in addition to the “who’s writing the most” stuff, also analyze:

  • “Big Data” & “Hadoop” coverage in 2012 vs. 2013 (so far)
  • How “Hadoop” is faring in tech press so far in 2013
  • What industry events line up with the most popular days for “Big Data” and “Hadoop” coverage.

To kick it off, zooming all the way out, here’s where we stand on “Big Data” and “Hadoop” coverage in tech press so far in 2013 vs. all of 2012.

Big Data vs Hadoop 2012 vs 2013

Looks like we’re well on our way to passing last years’ coverage totals.

So let’s just dig into what’s happening in 2013 so far:

Big Data vs Hadoop Coverage 2013

OK let’s check out those spikes. Here’s my best David Letterman impression:

Top 10 Big Data News Days Top 10 Hadoop News Days

Definitely some overlap there, but not a 100% match. So naturally I wanted to see well, did something happen on those days that caused those spikes in coverage? Here’s where I get to give a shout out to Shawn Rogers at EMA Research who so kindly shared his lists of industry events for the year. With a simple upload into Datameer and a quick join to merge my two datasets by dates, I was able to produce these tables:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 4.10.26 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 4.10.43 PM

Now obviously I am not going to go as far and say that the top 10 coverage days were because of these industry events, but knowing that companies tend to time their news for industry events, these correlations definitely make sense. And as someone in PR, I find this info particularly valuable because we’re always thinking about when’s the best time to announce something. Well guess what — the shows with the highest amount of correlating coverage might mean that there’s a lot more announcements happening at those shows. And why would I want to throw our hat in that ring? That means journalists are busier and would have less time to focus on my news.

OK so now that we know the top 10 coverage dates, let’s get into the top 10’s for publications & writers.

Which publications are writing the most about “Big Data” & who is writing the most about “Hadoop” so far this year?

Top 10 Publications Covering Big Data Top 10 Hadoop Publications

And last, but not least, which author is writing the most about both topics?

Number of Articles Per Author Number of Articles Per Author

And there you have it Tim McElligott takes the award for “Big Data” coverage and Alex Popescu gets it for “Hadoop” coverage. Now let me extend my official apology to those two, and the rest of the authors in the top 10’s here in case they get any sort of noticeable spike in Big Data or Hadoop-related PR pitches. 😉

You Can Do This Too — There’s An App For That!

Like what you saw here? Well, as I did last year, let me first give a shout out to ITDatabase for its killer full text search-based tech media database. If you’re in tech PR and don’t use ITDatabase… I’m not sure what you’re doing. Second, I’ve got even better news if you’re an ITDatabase subscriber. We’ve turned this into a free app that you can download today from our Datameer Analytic Apps Market! Go ahead and take it for a spin to see overall coverage trends & who’s writing the most about the topics you care about most.

Why This Matters For PR

While this kind of analysis is fun and interesting for all kinds of people to see, I can’t even begin to say how helpful this kind of information is for PR practitioners. Building a GOOD media target list used to be one of the most painstaking manual processes there was. Media databases made it significantly easier, but that information was only as good as the last time each entry was updated. And that never contained the actual articles each author wrote, let alone included article search functionality that ITDatabase introduced just a few years back. With a subscription to ITDatabase and now this app, I can honestly say that a process that would have taken me easily 50-60 hours in the past, can now be done in minutes. And with that 50-60 hours, plus every minute I save not having to manually try and find what specific writers have been writing about lately, that means I get to spend more time on my pitch instead of the research.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Maybe big data tech like this is exactly what the PR industry needs to finally shake its critics? A girl can dream, can’t she.

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Susan O'Brien

Susan O'Brien is Vice President of Marketing at Datameer.