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Big Data & Brews: Big Data Predictions from Splice Machine’s CEO

By on December 29, 2015

With the end of the year coming to a close, are you surprised that I asked Monte what he thinks is in store for 2016? Check out our last episode with him to find out what he thinks will be big.

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Andrew:                 Maybe I can have you do some star gazing. Give us a sense of some of the things that are coming down the pipe. Maybe outside the realm of the Splice Machine product but for the big data world in general. We’re heading towards the end of … When we’re recording this right now we’re recording towards the end of the calendar year. That’s always the time to ask people for their prognostications and predictions. I don’t know, you have a top two or three for us? I can give you some specifics if you want but-

Monte:                   I’ll tee it up. Some predictions for next year. I think that it will be the first year that applications are truly powered by the big data architectures. As opposed to just ad hoc analytics. That will become more than norm that the exception. I think we’ll start to see companies certifying their apps on Hadoop-based architectures. That’s one big step in this squeezing…

Andrew:                 We’re not just bringing users to Hadoop, we’re bringing applications to Hadoop. Hadoop becomes a little bit more embedded. Still important, still enabling but a little less directly exposed.

Monte:                   I think that will be an important maturation of the market place. I also think that you’ll start to see companies actually building green field applications where they don’t use ETL, where they build their app on the same engine that they do analytics. I’m hoping that will be us and I’m sure there’ll be others out there doing something similar but I think that will happen as well. It’ll also be the year where the ability to make decisions in the moment becomes real.

What I mean by that is, because of this decision lag, companies are typically making decisions here on data that maybe a day or two old over here. These new applications that are going to emerge that squeeze this lag down are going to start making decisions in the moment. I’ll be able to make a decision on hat a customer did five seconds ago rather than twenty four hours ago. That’s going to be mission critical and company-changing for a lot of enterprises.


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Andrew Brust

Andrew is Datameer's Sr. Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence. He covers big data and analytics for ZDNet, is conference co-chair for Visual Studio Live! and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.