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Datameer Blog

Announcing the Datameer Community

By on July 13, 2012

We’re excited to unveil our Datameer Community

There’s a lot brewing here and the Datameer family is growing quickly with lots of new users. I’m Alex Villamil, Product Evangelist with a background in big data and BI, and I wanted to welcome big data folks and give them a place to get together, discuss our products and share best practices.

With the Datameer Community, you’ll be able to share personal and professional experiences and anecdotes, learn from others, and brainstorm with like-minded users. It’s a vehicle for us to get together, both online and offline and encourage communication. Everyone in the community are users, like you, trying to get insights into data with powerful Hadoop-capable tools. Whether you’re a BI analyst, data scientist, journalist or a business analyst trying to correlate some data, anyone can join and share and learn from others.

What are the features of the Datameer Community?

  • Online: forums, webinars, conference calls, events, new video tutorials
  • Offline: meetups, hackathons, conferences and partner days
  • Highlights: we’ll talk about vertically-focused use cases and applications, dive into analysis and visualizations, and share best practices.

So go ahead, sign-up for the community and send us your questions. I’m looking forward to working with you.


Our Community Page is here:

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Alex Villamil