The Year in Review – A Snapshot of 2016

Datameer Highlights From 2016

From industry consolidation to Kafka’s successes, it’s been an exciting year for big data. But what’s been going on in the Datameer world? We’ve put together a 2016 refresher, along with the top five videos and blog posts that resonated the most with our readers.

Datameer 2016 Timeline of Events

Datameer’s Top Five Videos of 2016

Product launches, customer successes and new Datameer capabilities — our most popular videos cover it all!

1. How Will Datameer Help You? An introduction to what Datameer does and how it can help you with your big data analytics projects.

2. Introducing Datameer 6, our latest product with data discovery at the speed of light.

3. Surfdome, a European retailer using Datameer for customer behavior analytics and more.

4. Paf

5. Datameer for Data Preparation – see what we’re good at!

Datameer’s Top Five Blog Posts of 2016

Fancy a compelling read? Get a refresher on what’s been happening.

1. The Big Data Ecosystem is Too Damn Big. Our most popular blog post by far — hear from Andrew Brust about the many, many choices for big data and how to move forward.

2. Gartner Validates Evolution of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Read what Gartner has to say about the evolution of BI and where it’s heading.

3. Challenges to Cyber Security & How Big Data Analytics Can Help. Cyber security threats are constantly growing more inventive. See what big data analytics can do.

4. How Apache Kafka Works and Why. Hear from Jay Kreps, the man who developed Apache Kafka, about how it works, what it does and what it’s used for.

5. 5 Big Data Trends Shaping the Future of Data-Driven Businesses. What are the business trends for big data? Read our roundup right now.

Stay tuned to our blog for another great year. We’re excited about 2017 and everything that’s yet to come!

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