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Datameer and IBM Cloud Private for Data

by John Morrell on March 20, 2018

Many CEOs see Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as a key component to gaining competitive advance in their respective marketplaces. A 2017 survey of Fortune 500 CEO’s found that 81% of the respondents listed AI/Machine Learning as a “critical area of investment”, ranking ...

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Five Rules of Data Exploration

by John Morrell on March 15, 2018

As always, one always learns something new at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit (the 2018 North America version held last week in Grapevine, Texas). I attended a fascinating session with two of Gartner’s most knowledgeable analysts – Mark Beyer and Adam Ronthal – on ...

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Five New Big Data Use Cases for 2018 — Insurance Pricing, Risk and Underwriting

by John Morrell on February 28, 2018

Digital transformation is disrupting the insurance industry with the digitization of underwriting at the heart of this change. Digitalization of underwriting can also enable a retail-style to reach new demographics that often prefer a more virtual experience.   Deloitte’s 2018 Insurance Industry Outlook on insurance underwriting suggests ...

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Five New Big Data Use Cases for 2018 — Personalized Omni-Channel Experience in Retail

by John Morrell on February 21, 2018

Over the past weeks, I’ve been covering some of the newest big data use cases we’re seeing emerge this year. If you haven’t already read parts 1-3 on blockchain, MiFID II and healthcare precision management, you may want to check them out or download all ...

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Seven Data and Analytics Trends for 2018

by Andrew Brust on February 15, 2018

wWhat’s going on in the data world right now, and how will it impact the market in 2018? There are the obvious, banner headlines, of course: AI is everywhere and will change everything; Enterprises continue to move their infrastructure – and data – to the ...

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Five New Big Data Use Cases for 2018 — Healthcare Precision Medicine

by John Morrell on February 13, 2018

The past two weeks, we’ve covered blockchain and MiFID II as ways companies are leveraging big data. In this, the third installment, let’s look at healthcare precision medicine. Healthcare Precision Medicine Every year, industry pundits hypothesize on the many ways big data can improve healthcare delivery ...

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Five New Big Data Use Cases for 2018 — MiFID II

by John Morrell on February 6, 2018

Last week, blockchain was the first use case highlighted as one of the new ways organizations are leveraging big data. Part 2 covers Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II - or MiFID II. MiFID II Back in 2004, Europe created a new set of rules for smoother ...

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Five New Big Data Use Cases for 2018 — Blockchain

by John Morrell on January 31, 2018

  Every year, more organizations in various industries take steps to maximize and leverage big data to improve business processes and stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, emerging technology trends continue to prompt new ways to derive insights from data.   This post is the first in a ...

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Can You Trust Your Data In Alteryx?

by John Morrell on January 17, 2018

Data security has never been as important as it is today. At Datameer, the security of your data is as important to us as it is to you. This is why companies working with very sensitive customer data – some of the world’s largest banks, ...

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Featured Image CDO

Big Data’s Person of the Year: The Chief Data Officer

by Erin Hitchcock on January 10, 2018

The nominations are in and – Who are we kidding? The results aren’t even close. The winner of Big Data’s Person of the Year is…The Chief Data Officer (CDO). Clearly congratulations are in order! But let’s step back for a second and take a look ...

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[Video] BI vs. Big Data and Data Warehouses vs. Data Lakes

by Erin Hitchcock on January 3, 2018

Hear from Andrew Brust, blogger at ZDNet and Datameer’s Advisor for Marketing and Innovation, or skim through the transcripts to learn more about the distinctions between BI and Big data, and the real differences between a data warehouse and a data lake. What are the legitimate ...

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Featured Image 2017 Recap

Datameer Year in Review – 2017’s Biggest News and Content Views!

by Erin Hitchcock on December 27, 2017

2018 is almost here! And given the fact that 2017 was such a big year for us here at Datameer, what better time to look back and recap some of our most exciting announcements and greatest hits from the last 12 months? Keep reading for ...

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5 Ways to Fuel Your Big Data Analytics in 2018

by John Morrell on December 20, 2017

Big data is really “the little engine that could.” While this may seem like an oxymoron, allow me to explain. When broken down, big data is really just a collection of seemingly infinite small details and information points in different silos. But all of these ...

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Big Data Predictions: 2018 Edition

by Erin Hitchcock on December 13, 2017

2017 has been a big year for big data industry trends and for the Datameer team as well. From our introduction of SmartAI, which allows you to deploy artificial intelligence directly to your data lake, to our major announcement of Datameer Visual Explorer's interactive data exploration capabilities, ...

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Jeff Weidner Headshot

Bring Big Data Into Your Business Intelligence Village

by Jeff Weidner on December 6, 2017

**Jeff Weidner is a Big Data Practitioner and partner of JW Analytical Advisors. He has decades of experience being a trusted advisor towards transforming data into actionable insights. Applying Business Intelligence and behavioral statistical analysis to a variety of situations including Digital Marketing Intelligence his ...

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Vivint customer experience

Big data analytics boost Vivint’s smart home IQ

by Erin Hitchcock on November 28, 2017

Vivint Smart Home's Miki Seltzer and Raul Olvera ***This post first published on the Vivint Innovation Center blog by Miki Seltzer and has been reposted here with permission.*** Vivint Smart Home’s Miki Seltzer, data scientist, and Raul Olvera, senior data engineer, visited theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s mobile livestreaming studio, ...

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Featured Blog Optimize Data Lake

Follow These Three Steps to Optimize Your Data Lake

by Erin Hitchcock on November 20, 2017

Data today is quickly growing in volume, variability and complexity. This has left organizations with the challenge of harnessing all this data – however broad in variety or large in volume – to derive more value and insights from it. Learn more about best practices surrounding ...

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Six Key Characteristics of a “Cloud-native” Platform

by John Morrell on November 13, 2017

With the Cloud platform software market expected to reach $90 billion by 2020, even the largest and most conservative organizations are moving some or all of their analytics to the Cloud. According to the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report: “Interest in ...

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Cloud Changes Big Data Featured Blog Image

The Cloud Changes Big Data Analytics, and Big Data Analytics Needs to Change

by Andrew Brust on November 8, 2017

The cloud computing revolution has changed technology, and how businesses use it. It’s made for unprecedented levels of agility and flexibility in the use of, and budgeting for, technology. It’s lowered barriers to entry, it’s leveled the proverbial playing field and it’s also pressured organizations ...

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Featured Image Discovery vs. Exploration

Data Exploration vs. Data Discovery

by John Morrell on October 25, 2017

Much has been made of the term “data discovery.” It is used profusely in the BI market and describes a fundamental transition in BI tools as emphasis has shifted from reporting to looking for new trends. Companies such as Tableau and Qlik altered the BI ...

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Optimizing Your Data Pipeline: Why Self-Sufficiency Accelerates Insight

by John Morrell on October 18, 2017

The modern data pipeline has become an invaluable asset for many companies, allowing them to make well-reasoned business decisions fueled by the most up-to-date data possible. However, in today’s competitive business environment, collecting and compiling data is simply not enough to remain relevant. Proactive companies ...

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featured image visual explorer

Datameer Visual Explorer: This Changes Everything

by Andrew Brust on October 2, 2017

Datameer has introduced its new Visual Explorer component, and in my opinion, big data analysis has undergone a sea change because of it. I know that sounds hyperbolic, especially since I am not a disinterested party – but I am in earnest. Visual Explorer is ...

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Data Lakes

It’s Time for a New Model for Data Exploration – Meet Datameer Visual Explorer

by John Morrell on September 26, 2017

At the heart of digital transformation is the creation of new data assets that drive the processes that fuel digital business. Optimizing and operationalizing the data asset creation process is at the core of the next iteration of the data lake, in which the data lake ...

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The Role of Big Data in Preventing Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse

by Erin Hitchcock on September 20, 2017

Big data has massively transformed the healthcare industry in so many ways, contributing largely to today’s more efficient, value-based healthcare system. But the challenge for big data analytics doesn’t end there. Even as the healthcare industry faces one of its most uncertain times, health insurers ...

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big data healthcare

Why It Pays to Bet Big on Big Data in Healthcare

by Sherry Tiao on August 24, 2017

The ability to analyze and understand large data sets has become a huge factor in how enterprises identify new opportunities and improve overall customer experience. But not only is big data changing the way businesses compete and operate, it's also creating a significant impact in ...

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Big Data Telecom

Big Data and the Telecom Customer Service Experience

by Sherry Tiao on August 17, 2017

Like many industries, the telecom industry is facing challenges. With ubiquitous internet access to new services and extremely low switching costs, customers have more choices than ever. This may be great for customers—but it’s certainly not great for the communications industry, which has to handle ...

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Big Data Retail Use Cases

Five Big Data Use Cases for Retail

by Erin Hitchcock on August 9, 2017

The retail industry continues to accelerate rapidly, and with it, the need for businesses to find the best retail use cases for big data. Sales alone are expected to grow by 3.5 percent in 2017, and e-commerce continues to make massive gains with an expected ...

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tableau hadoop data lake

Tableau and Hadoop Data Lakes: Three Ways to Get Data Where You Want

by John Morrell on August 3, 2017

Tableau is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) desktop data visualization and discovery tools on the market. And Hadoop-based data lakes are growing dramatically to serve up the massive volumes of data that analysts need to answer pressing new business questions. Marrying ...

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Telecom Big Data

Four Ways Telefonica Uses Big Data to Put Customers First

by John Morrell on July 20, 2017

Competing in any market today is incredibly difficult. But competing in the telecommunications market, where there is an incredible degree of industry disruption and digital transformation, can be more difficult than most. In our solution brief, Upgrade the Telecom Service Customer Experience with Big Data, we ...

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Big Data AI Brain

[Video] AI’s Potential and Challenges

by Sherry Tiao on July 13, 2017

Hear from Andrew Brust, blogger at ZDNet and Datameer’s Senior Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence, or skim through the transcripts to learn about AI's potential today. What Does AI’s Vast Potential Have in Store for Business? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OSGHdLwuL8 If you talk to pundits in the industry, if you ...

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5 Big Data Challenges

5 Big Data Challenges (Plus Free Resources to Help)

by Sherry Tiao on July 5, 2017

While most big data teams have similar goals, they often stall in different areas. These areas can range from deciding exactly what to do with the data to deciding how to provide more people with more access to data. But we’re here to help. Today, we’re ...

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Big Data in the AI Era

Four Ways Big Data Helps Deliver Value from AI

by John Morrell on June 28, 2017

Long having an intriguing mystique, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to struggle when it comes to delivering business value. The question remains: can new tools and/or packaged solutions help organizations obtain better business results from AI?   Where Has AI Struggled? Because AI has been mostly in the realm ...

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The Role Big Data Will Play in AI’s Future

by Sherry Tiao on June 22, 2017

AI has been hyped up for ages. Remember the 60s, and Herbert Simon predicting, “machines will be capable, within twenty years, of doing any work a man can do”? Well, we know how that turned out. In the years that followed, the promises of AI failed to ...

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5 Big Data Job Descriptions to Hire an All-Star Team

by Erin Hitchcock on June 8, 2017

So you’ve made the business case for hiring a big data team to spearhead your company’s analytics initiatives - now what? Once you’ve identified the operational value proposition and business insights that big data offers you, then (and only then) is it time to add the ...

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GRC and Big Data

Your How-To on Successful GRC

by Joanna Schloss on June 1, 2017

Before all the hype, before all the security breaches and before the EU passed Governance Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), governance, risk and compliance (GRC) mandates were always initiatives for companies. However, after all these decades and thousands of human hours, successful GRC continues to elude most ...

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Big Data Governance

Five Highly Effective Approaches to Governance

by Sherry Tiao on May 24, 2017

Good governance doesn’t just establish a defensive regime around data. It also creates an environment that makes data available to the right people, encourages trust around data and makes it easily discoverable. Good governance is crucial to a data-driven culture, and understanding its potential can be the ...

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Big Data Governance

[Video] What’s Needed for Data Governance Today?

by Sherry Tiao on May 17, 2017

Hear from Andrew Brust, blogger at ZDNet and Datameer’s Senior Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence, or skim through the transcripts to learn about what's needed for data governance in the modern world. Governance in Data Warehousing and BI Versus Governance in Big Data Analytics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFPm5aO10j8 In the ...

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Hate Hadoop? Then You’re Doing It Wrong

by Andrew Brust on May 10, 2017

A lot has been written about Hadoop’s alleged demise, about its fall from grace. And there’s been a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking saying Hadoop never made sense in the first place. “Hadoop is slow for small, ad hoc jobs.” “Hadoop is hard.” “Hadoop is ...

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Big Data Analytics and Cyber Security

Challenges to Cyber Security & How Big Data Analytics Can Help

by Susan O'Brien on May 4, 2017

As the complexity of IT networks has grown, the inventiveness and sophistication of cyber security threats and attacks has grown just as quickly. Some sobering stats: Between June and November of 2016, almost one billion malware-based incidences occurred The estimated cost of cyber crime is ...

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Data Lakes

Best Practices for Data Lakes

by Sherry Tiao on April 26, 2017

Today, we're bringing you introductory videos about the concept of data lakes. Hear from Andrew Brust, blogger at ZDNet and Datameer's Senior Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence, or skim through the transcripts below.   Why Data Lakes Require Discipline to Be Effective https://youtu.be/xGMVU0BG68s Here's the thing about data lakes: ...

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Five Ways to Reduce GDPR’s Impact

by John Morrell on April 19, 2017

In April 2016, the European Commission ratified the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which covers the capture, control and consent to use personal information. The May 25, 2018 deadline looms ahead. Are you ready? GDPR has the potential to uproot the many ways organizations manage, protect and ...

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Map Your Big Data Journey: The Five Key Phases

by Brian Kocsy on April 12, 2017

In this article, I’m going to guide you through every step of the big data journey. You’ll know what to expect, where you should be and the benchmarks you should be looking for. ...

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Why Can’t I Get More Value From My Data Lake?

by John Morrell on March 24, 2017

  Many have applied the old adage “if I build it, they will come” to their data lake projects. The simple notion of having all that data in one place is appealing, and one would think everyone would want to come drink from the lake. But rather ...

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Three Challenges to Implementation: What You Need to Know

by Grant Eaton on March 15, 2017

Big data is proving to be a powerful tool, but many companies face challenges or outright problems when implementing big data programs. There are at least three broad challenges to implementing big data: People skills Underlying hardware and/or cloud platforms The rapid evolution of big ...

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Four Questions To Ask in Every Enterprise Tech Purchase

by Susan O'Brien on March 6, 2017

There's a certain process everyone goes through when considering any purchase. Depending upon whom you ask, there are five, sometimes six steps you take between first recognition of a problem and final purchase (or re-purchase, if you subscribe to that buyer cycle methodology). Arguably, one ...

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With Big Data, Learn How the Customer Journey REALLY Works

by John Morrell on February 28, 2017

In-person or online, making decisions or purchases, using services offered — all of this falls within the realm of the customer journey. Essentially, the customer journey is a long trail of different customer experiences. And just like life is a journey full of many experiences, you want ...

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Five Ways Big Data Delivers Business Agility

by John Morrell on February 21, 2017

In a recent Forrester Report, “How to Scale Business Intelligence with Hadoop-Based Platforms,” Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, described a concept called Systems of Insight, which combines the best of both worlds with agile BI and big data analytics. What is this and why ...

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What’s With Data Lakes? Five Questions, Answered.

by John Morrell on February 15, 2017

Big data can be an intimidating field. And with most industries, there’s some jargon. Today we’re going to dig into the definition of the term “data lake” – we’ll look at what it means both as a general industry term and how it's used in ...

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Three Ways Chinese Industries Use Big Data

by Sherry Tiao on February 7, 2017

China's once-astounding growth has begun to slow despite the government's efforts to launch numerous stimulus efforts. As labor costs have risen, China has been losing its cost advantage to countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. To maintain its edge, China's economy will have to shift to ...

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Are You Doing It Right? Five Questions for Your Big Data Journey

by Grant Eaton on February 1, 2017

For those unfamiliar with big data technology, getting started can seem complex and intimidating. However, with recent technological advances, setting up a user-friendly big data platform can be relatively easy and straightforward. To maximize the results, you’ll need a good idea of what problems you want ...

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