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Five Ways to Reduce GDPR’s Impact

by John Morrell on April 19, 2017

In April 2016, the European Commission ratified the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which covers the capture, control and consent to use personal information. The May 25, 2018 deadline looms ahead. Are you ready? GDPR has the potential to uproot the many ways organizations manage, protect and ...

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Map Your Big Data Journey: The Five Key Phases

by Brian Kocsy on April 12, 2017

In this article, I’m going to guide you through every step of the big data journey. You’ll know what to expect, where you should be and the benchmarks you should be looking for. ...

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Why Can’t I Get More Value From My Data Lake?

by John Morrell on March 24, 2017

  Many have applied the old adage “if I build it, they will come” to their data lake projects. The simple notion of having all that data in one place is appealing, and one would think everyone would want to come drink from the lake. But rather ...

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Three Challenges to Implementation: What You Need to Know

by Grant Eaton on March 15, 2017

Big data is proving to be a powerful tool, but many companies face challenges or outright problems when implementing big data programs. There are at least three broad challenges to implementing big data: People skills Underlying hardware and/or cloud platforms The rapid evolution of big ...

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Four Questions To Ask in Every Enterprise Tech Purchase

by Susan O'Brien on March 6, 2017

There's a certain process everyone goes through when considering any purchase. Depending upon whom you ask, there are five, sometimes six steps you take between first recognition of a problem and final purchase (or re-purchase, if you subscribe to that buyer cycle methodology). Arguably, one ...

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With Big Data, Learn How the Customer Journey REALLY Works

by John Morrell on February 28, 2017

In-person or online, making decisions or purchases, using services offered — all of this falls within the realm of the customer journey. Essentially, the customer journey is a long trail of different customer experiences. And just like life is a journey full of many experiences, you want ...

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Five Ways Big Data Delivers Business Agility

by John Morrell on February 21, 2017

In a recent Forrester Report, “How to Scale Business Intelligence with Hadoop-Based Platforms,” Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, described a concept called Systems of Insight, which combines the best of both worlds with agile BI and big data analytics. What is this and why ...

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What’s With Data Lakes? Five Questions, Answered.

by John Morrell on February 15, 2017

Big data can be an intimidating field. And with most industries, there’s some jargon. Today we’re going to dig into the definition of the term “data lake” – we’ll look at what it means both as a general industry term and how it's used in ...

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Three Ways Chinese Industries Use Big Data

by Sherry Tiao on February 7, 2017

China's once-astounding growth has begun to slow despite the government's efforts to launch numerous stimulus efforts. As labor costs have risen, China has been losing its cost advantage to countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. To maintain its edge, China's economy will have to shift to ...

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Are You Doing It Right? Five Questions for Your Big Data Journey

by Grant Eaton on February 1, 2017

For those unfamiliar with big data technology, getting started can seem complex and intimidating. However, with recent technological advances, setting up a user-friendly big data platform can be relatively easy and straightforward. To maximize the results, you’ll need a good idea of what problems you want ...

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New Data Uses, Cloud Investment and More With Scott Gnau of Hortonworks [Podcast]

by Andrew Brust on January 25, 2017

Today we're featuring Scott Gnau, Hortonworks' Chief Technology Officer. He discusses new applications of big data, how we should preserve data, cloud investment and much more. Start listening to start learning, or read the transcript below. Transcript, lightly edited for clarity: Andrew: What's current in big data? Today we're ...

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Howard Dresner Podcast

Howard Dresner and the Future for BI and Big Data [Podcast]

by Andrew Brust on January 23, 2017

Today we're featuring Howard Dresner, Dresner Advisory Services' Chief Research Officer. He'll provide us with his perspective on business intelligence, big data analytics and the future of both. This is part of our podcast series on big data thought leaders. Be sure to subscribe to our ...

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The Future of Healthcare Data, With Dr. Charlotte Hovet of NTT Data [Podcast]

by Andrew Brust on January 19, 2017

We welcomed Dr. Charlotte Hovet, NTT Data's Medical Director of Global Healthcare Solutions to discuss big data in the medical world. She explores how it's currently being used and the possibilities that lie just over the horizon. This is part of our podcast series on big data ...

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The Big Data Perspective, With Shawn Rogers of Statistica [Podcast]

by Joanna Schloss on January 17, 2017

Today we're featuring Shawn Rogers, Statistica's's Chief Research Officer. He'll provide us with his perspective on what makes big data projects successful, what's holding them back and much more. This is part of our podcast series on big data thought leaders. Be sure to subscribe ...

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The Big Data Perspective, With Jack Norris of MapR [Podcast]

by Andrew Brust on January 12, 2017

Today we're featuring Jack Norris, MapR's Senior Vice President of Data and Applications. He'll provide us with his perspective on the big data and Hadoop world. This is part of our podcast series on big data thought leaders. Be sure to subscribe to our blog ...

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The Big Data Perspective, With Mico Yuk of BI Brainz [Podcast]

by Andrew Brust on January 9, 2017

Throughout January, we're bringing you thought leaders of all types in our brand-new podcast, The Big Data Perspective. After all, 2017 is your year to become an expert on the big data world! Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates as soon ...

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The Big Data Perspective, With Tony Baer [Podcast]

by Andrew Brust on January 3, 2017

2017 is here, and it's your year to become an expert on the big data world. Throughout January, we're bringing you thought leaders of all types in our brand-new podcast, The Big Data Perspective. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates as soon as they're ...

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2017 Predictions for the Big Data Market

by Monique Sherman on December 30, 2016

Throughout the year, we've weighed in on key big data trends and what's happening in the market. But we're hoping 2017 will become the best big data year yet. What's in store for us? We persuaded three of the experts at Datameer to give their predictions ...

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Datameer 2016 Timeline of Events

The Year in Review – A Snapshot of 2016

by Monique Sherman on December 23, 2016

Datameer Highlights From 2016 From industry consolidation to Kafka's successes, it's been an exciting year for big data. But what's been going on in the Datameer world? We've put together a 2016 refresher, along with the top five videos and blog posts that resonated the most with our ...

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What to Expect From Datameer in 2017

by Christian Rodatus on December 21, 2016

Back in 2009 when Datameer first hit the market, it was the early days of big data, before big data was the bandwagon every company tried to hitch their wagon to. It was the first data analytics software to run natively on this new open-source ...

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Three Major Benefits of Big Data

by Joanna Schloss on December 15, 2016

Big data is powerful tool. But sometimes, it's treated as a luxury — nice to have, but not totally necessary. That's a mistake. Given how competitive the business world is, the benefits of big data shouldn’t be underestimated. For those who learn how to leverage it properly, ...

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Unlocking the Customer’s Mind With Retail Analytics

by Sherry Tiao on December 6, 2016

  The retail world is cutthroat. With constant competition and the drive to always improve profits, retail is often an early adopter of new technologies — anything to give them an edge. It was the same with big data analytics — retail was an early adopter. One of the ...

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What Does the Cloud Mean for Big Data Analytics?

by Sherry Tiao on November 30, 2016

Want to innovate faster with your big data? Then it’s time to think about the cloud. Cloud technology can create numerous benefits for any given company. Faster, cheaper, more flexible and easier to keep up to date, there are numerous business benefits. Most importantly, a well-thought out ...

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Customer Acquisition and Big Data

Improving Your Customer Acquisition With Big Data – Datameer Whiteboards

by John Morrell on November 17, 2016

In today's customer analytics world, customers are moving towards a behavioral-based model. What does this mean? In today's episode of "Datameer Whiteboards," I'll demonstrate what customer acquisition looks like today and how big data analytics can help you move the needle. Video Transcription In our last video, ...

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Is Big Data Doomed?

by Andrew Brust on November 15, 2016

Or, Are Technology Best Practices Timeless? A funny thing happened on the way to the mainstreaming of Big Data: it started to obey the laws of gravity. At first, this manifested in reports of significant project failure rates; more recently, it’s materialized in disappointing success rates. What’s ...

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Multiple Regression

Predictive Analytics Through Multiple Regression – With Datameer!

by Hans-Henning Gabriel on November 9, 2016

Numerical data often can be modeled as a number of independent (predictive) variables (aka columns/features/attributes) along with one dependent (response) variable. In a recent post about Multiple Correlation, you learned how you can identify independent variables that are most relevant for the response variable. For example, ...

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Is the Hype Around Big Data Nothing But Hype?

by Sherry Tiao on November 8, 2016

  If you follow the technology sector, you know that the only constant is change. The gadget you're using to view this blog post, for example, might be obsolete within the next 10 months, forget years. The hot startups of today will be overshadowed by tomorrow's startups ...

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Big Data Analytics Growth Statistic

A Big Market for Big Data [Infographic]

by Sherry Tiao on November 3, 2016

The explosion of big data can have a profound effect upon the world we live in. Where are the biggest revenue adoptions and what are the goals companies have? What does the future hold for big data? We're in the early stages of big data adoption. But ...

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Five Steps to Becoming a Data Analytics Superhero

by Joanna Schloss on November 1, 2016

So you’ve built the business case for solving your company’s big data analytics problem. You’ve set up the first necessary steps. You’ve even corralled resources and you’re getting ready to build a great team. And suddenly, the question of software pops up. In today’s world, when technology appears to ...

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The Connected Car, Big Data and the Automotive Industry’s Future

by Sherry Tiao on October 27, 2016

  With the growing Internet of Things (IoT), the vast majority of our devices will be connected to the internet. When people think of IoT, watches, phones and other small devices often spring to mind. But increasingly, manufacturers are dreaming big. Large "gadgets" like our automobiles are ...

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IoT and the SuperBrain

What Does Collective Intelligence Have to Do With IoT?

by Stefan Groschupf on October 25, 2016

The human brain is the result of millions of years of growth and evolution and, according to recent research, is comprised of approximately 86 billion neurons (though some estimates cite 100 billion). Each neuron may be connected to up to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals ...

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Four Ways Modern BI Reduces Complexity

by John Morrell on October 20, 2016

Is big data getting too complex? Are the skills you need to succeed in your big data project in short supply? What do you need to succeed? These are all questions the big data market continually asks. A recent TechRepublic article painted a daunting picture when examining them. ...

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Best Practices for Deploying Big Data Analytics

Best Practices for Deploying Your Big Data Analytics

by Joanna Schloss on October 18, 2016

  So it’s time to choose your big data analytics solution. It’s not exactly a stress-free process. After all, in the seventies IBM came out with the brilliant slogan, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” because they understood exactly how risky it can be to ...

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Why You’re Thinking About Data Prep All Wrong

by Andrew Brust on October 13, 2016

In a previous post on Data Informed, “Data Prep Tools Struggle to Keep Pace With Changing Face of Big Data”, I asserted that with the current functionality of standalone self-service data preparation tools, the market was being misled to believe that data repair, or data ...

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How Recommendations Can Increase Revenue by 20 Percent

by Sherry Tiao on October 11, 2016

Amazon gets it. Netflix gets it. Google gets it. And Neil Young gets it too. Customer analytics is important. And implementing personal recommendations is just one aspect of taking the customer information you already have and operationalizing it to improve your business. Customer Analytics to Drive Decisions ...

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Build or Buy Big Data Analytics Software

Should You Build or Buy Your Big Data Analytics Platform?

by Joanna Schloss on October 5, 2016

In the last decade, the Hadoop platform has emerged as a way for businesses to store data in an unstructured fashion. Hadoop delivered a new solution to approach large and unorganized big data sources, giving companies an opportunity to work with more complex data sets. The ...

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Customer Behavior

What Customer Behavior Analytics Can Do For You – Datameer Whiteboards

by John Morrell on September 29, 2016

Too often, companies aren't getting the most value out of their customer behavior analytics. With the advent of big data, companies have more data than ever about them — and less actionable insight. In today's episode of "Datameer Whiteboards," I'll walk you through how customer behavior ...

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Big Data Analytics Use Cases

How to Discover, Align and Implement Data Analytics Success

by John Morrell on September 21, 2016

// // Those of us who have been in the industry for a few years (and yes, I’m showing my age here) remember the lessons learned from the early days of data warehousing. We recall the failed data warehouse projects in which companies spent millions ...

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Big Data Maturity Is Here. What’s Next?

by Andrew Brust on September 14, 2016

  Recently, I came across blog posts from two different analysts that caught my attention. Doug Henschen at Constellation Research penned a post titled “Democratize the Data Lake: Make Big Data Accessible.” And over at Forrester, Brian Hopkins wrote an entry in his blog that he ...

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Six Ways to Create Better Customer Behavior Analytics

by John Morrell on September 6, 2016

// // We often hear about and see the different lifestyles the millennial generation leads. This group is a prime example of the influence of the digital age on lifestyle, including how people shop. The 2016 Deloitte study, “Navigating the New Digital Divide”, found digitally-influenced consumers ...

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Trump vs. Clinton: The Surprising Results I Discovered From Data

by Andrew Brust on August 31, 2016

In an election, personal opinions matter to a great extent. When we make voting decisions, we often look to the viewpoints of others. These public viewpoints influence us one way or another. Increasingly, these opinions float across web and social media on a massive scale. Using ...

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Smart Data Discovery: How to Identify Multiple Correlation Coefficients With Datameer

by James Bolton on August 22, 2016

"Smart data discovery has the potential to expand access to sophisticated interactive analysis and insights to business consumers and nontraditional BI users — the approximately 70 percent of users in organizations that currently do not use BI tools or have statistical backgrounds,” said Rita Sallam, ...

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Three Best Practices to Becoming IT Enabled With Modern BI

by Sherry Tiao on August 19, 2016

  As a Gartner recent report states, IT organizations must “shift from a control strategy to an influence strategy regarding IT and all things technology”. Basically, it’s time to think about decentralized IT. For many IT teams within the BI world, this is a bit of a ...

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Startups Using Big Data Against Bigger Companies

Supercharge Your Growth: How Startups Leverage Big Data to Succeed

by Sherry Tiao on August 11, 2016

Did you know that 90 percent of startups ultimately fail? Overall, eight of out of 10 businesses will close their doors within the first 18 months. Fact is, most young companies will never survive past their infancy. This shouldn't discourage anyone from pursuing their entrepreneurial ...

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Three Phases of the Big Data Journey

by John Morrell on August 3, 2016

According to Christina Kirby of Comcast in a recent blog post here: “Creating a data-driven culture and the accompanying shift in mindset is not a simple undertaking. This is particularly true for companies that were not built with data in mind. This kind of transformation and adoption must ...

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my big fat data governance rant datameer

My Big (Fat) Data Governance Rant

by Andrew Brust on July 29, 2016

I recently came across a blog post from Cindi Howson, a Research Vice President focused on BI and analytics at Gartner, “Using the BI and Analytics MQ to Modernize and Select the Right Tool.” In it, she shared some insights and viewer questions from her ...

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Financial Services Customers

How Financial Services Firms Use Big Data to Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers

by John Morrell on July 26, 2016

  Outside of regulatory compliance, the biggest challenge facing financial services firms is the competition for customers. An article from the Banking Administration Institute (BAI) validated this trend, citing “removing friction from the customer journey” as a key objective of banks for 2016. Big data analytics provide ...

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Risk, Compliance & Big Data

What is Operational Risk & How Can Big Data Help?

by Jason Demby on July 19, 2016

Both regulatory and competitive drivers are encouraging financial institutions to take a second look at their internal processes in order to reduce operational risk. As companies restructure their business operations and work to achieve compliance, they're finding that operational risk reduction with the help of big ...

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Comcast Smart Data Big Data

How Comcast Turns Big Data into Smart Data (Part 2)

by Susan O'Brien on July 15, 2016

Continuing on our blog with Christina Kirby, Innovation Leader and Senior Data Engineer with Comcast Engineering & Platform Services. See part one of the Q&A here. Christina has over 10 years of experience in big data, and today we will discuss what Christina has learned ...

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How Vivint’s Leveraging IoT Data to Win the Smart Home Market

by Sherry Tiao on July 12, 2016

Last week, Forbes profiled Vivint Smart Home as it has quickly emerged as one of the world’s biggest and most successful smart home players. According to the article, they were valued at over $2 billion in late 2012 and hit $650 million in revenue last year. Download ...

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