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Welcome to Big Data Analytics as a Service: BDAaaS ;)

by on Feb 10, 2015

The other day I read this phenomenal article from McKinsey about the dawn of marketing’s golden age. It talks about how CMO’s today are faced with massive challenges thanks to the explosion of data from mobile, social and gaming, but if they can harness that data, they stand to gain huge competitive advantage by knowing their customers and prospects better than ever. As the article continued with examples of how several different blue chip companies have addressed the challenge, I kept asking myself if every CMO out there has the same baseline as these companies. Do all CMO’s really have access to the technology that would enable them to succeed in the first place anyway? The answer is no. 

At Datameer, we talk to people with this exact problem every day. We meet many Fortune 1000 CMOs that are dying to get started utilizing Big Data to better understand their customer journey, but IT has either not yet rolled out a Big Data solution, or, they are still at the beginning stages. And its not just CMOs who want to harness their data, its HR, Finance, Sales… The bottom line is department heads don’t have the resources they need to get started right now, but they’re asking for it. 

Having come from two prior industries that matured to embrace the cloud/SaaS, its no surprise to me that we’re headed this way in Big Data. Its clear that the success of enterprise Hadoop adoption is driving this growing demand for SaaS access. More and more business users with limited IT or Hadoop expert resources want direct and immediate access to their data, regardless of its size. They want to get started now, while IT works on an enterprise-wide deployment.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce Datameer Professional today. We have partnered with leading Hadoop as a Service (HaaS) providers Altiscale and Bigstep to enable individual departments to run Big Data Analytics as a Service. Just as Datameer was the first to launch a Big Data analytics application for on-premise Hadoop deployments, we are now the first Big Data analytics application for HaaS. Datameer Professional is the most affordable and agile option for business executives who want to start integrating, preparing, analyzing and visualizing all of their data right away.

I’ll leave you with one last datapoint from the McKinsey article that I found particularly interesting: 3 out of 4 CEO’s complain that the CMOs ask for money but can’t answer what incremental revenue it will drive. With Datameer Professional, the game has changed. Welcome to Big Data Analytics as a Service.

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