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Big Data & Brews: How the Study of Neurons Relates to Big Data & Gamification

by on Jan 15, 2018

New year, new Big Data & Brews format. We thought we’d satiate your thirst by posting all of our episodes with each guest together on a monthly basis. This time, tune in to my conversation with Dr. Michael Wu, chief scientist for Lithium Technologies. All I’m going to say is that he is a triple threat with majors in mathematics, physics and molecular biology. Oh, and he’s working on his Ph.D in biophysics.

Episode 1: Dr. Michael Wu’s Study on Brain Activity

Episode 2: How to Think About Brain Storage Capacity

Episode 3: Where Are We with Deep Learning?

Episode 4: Is the Powered Brain Similar to Social Media?

Episode 5: How Social Network Analysis is Helpful for Business

Episode 6: Big Data and Gamification

Episode 7: Why Behavior Analytics Plays an Important Role in Gamification

Episode 8: How Privacy Relates to Big Data and Deep Learning

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