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Analytics in the cloud: Is your data ready?

by on Feb 27, 2019

While on-premise analytics programs are more formalised, the agility of the cloud makes it the wild west where analysts face few barriers to analytic experiments. Getting value from cloud analytics requires a broader data strategy and data pipelines that embrace the desired agility, while blending the required processes for consistent SLAs.

Datameer has collaborated with Ventana Research to address the following issues:

  • Why and where it makes sense to embrace big data in the cloud
  • The pain points that indicate it is time for a better data strategy in the cloud
  • The challenges and proper approaches to agile data pipelines in the cloud
  • How specific companies have succeeded with an agile data strategy in the cloud

To learn more, watch the webinar here.

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Snr Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA

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