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Datameer Blog

3 Generations of Business Intelligence

Gartner Validates Evolution of Business Intelligence and Analytics

by Susan O'Brien on February 4, 2016
Yesterday, Gartner put out a press release with their forecast that the worldwide BI and Analytics market is forecast to reach a staggering $16.9 Billion in 2016. But perhaps more importantly, in that same release, Gartner underscored and... Read more →
Big Data Brews_Vijay Narayanan_Microsoft

Big Data & Brews: How the Formation of the Universe Ties into Big Data

by Stefan Groschupf on February 2, 2016
Vijay Narayanan leads the algorithms and data science efforts in the Information Management and Machine Learning group in Microsoft. But, that’s not how he got his start in big data analytics. It also wasn’t his first... Read more →
Careers at Datameer

What Makes a Great Company? Let’s Talk Information Flow

by Stefan Groschupf on January 28, 2016
**This post originally published on VentureBeat.com** A lot goes into creating a company, and a lot more goes into creating a great company that endures. The difference between the two comes down to one thing: investing... Read more →
Frank Henze

4 Key Personas for a Successful and Powerful Team

by Frank Henze on January 21, 2016
**This post originally appeared on The Business Journals** Leaders constantly try to create the perfect combination of group dynamics for successful teams and finding just the right mix of people has become a blending of art... Read more →
Big Data and Hadoop In The News

Big Data & Hadoop In The News – 2015 Analysis

by Susan O'Brien on January 14, 2016
Another year has flown by, and the chatter about big data… decreased? According to the data from tech news tracking company, TechNews.IO, the number of articles that mentioned “big data” actually decreased for the first time in the... Read more →

Big Data & Brews: How the Study of Neurons Relates to Big Data & Gamification

by Stefan Groschupf on January 12, 2016
New year, new Big Data & Brews format. We thought we’d satiate your thirst by posting all of our episodes with each guest together on a monthly basis. This time, tune in to my conversation with Dr. Michael... Read more →

Big Data & Brews: Ben Fu Flips the Script

by Stefan Groschupf on January 5, 2016
Oh, how the tables have turned. I got a chance to answer a few of Ben’s questions and explain how I see applications fitting into the big data market, which Next World Capital sees as a $100B plus... Read more →
Datameer 2015 Year in Review

Datameer 2015 Year in Review – Interactive Timeline, Top 5 Videos, and More

by Susan O'Brien on December 31, 2015
Just tuning in now, or looking for a refresher of what Datameer was up to in 2015? Well search no further because between this interactive timeline and our various top 5 lists, we’ve got you covered. Datameer Highlights from... Read more →

Big Data & Brews: Big Data Predictions from Splice Machine’s CEO

by Andrew Brust on December 29, 2015
With the end of the year coming to a close, are you surprised that I asked Monte what he thinks is in store for 2016? Check out our last episode with him to find out what he thinks... Read more →

Big Data & Brews: Monte Zweben on A.I. Applications

by Andrew Brust on December 22, 2015
How can we help bring about the “smart application”? It’s all about bridging the decision lag between OLTP and OLAP, according to Monte. Hear his explanation in episode 4 of our Big Data & Brews series with... Read more →
Big Data Brews_Monte Zweban_Splice Machine_

Big Data & Brews: Monte Zweben Talks Spark

by Andrew Brust on December 15, 2015
Pretty much everyone has an opinion about Spark  versus MapReduce right now. What’s really cool though is that Monte was around when MapReduce was presented in its early days and has also kept a close eye... Read more →
Union Sheet in Datameer

Favorite Feature Friday: Union Sheet

by Sokhna Vor on December 11, 2015
My favorite feature in Datameer is the ability to union multiple sheets from similar datasets into a single worksheet. If you are looking to find insights faster but have a problem with combining different files that have... Read more →
BDB thumbnail card_Monte Zweban 2 200x200

Big Data & Brews: Monte Zweben on the Value of HBase

by Andrew Brust on December 8, 2015
In episode 2 with Monte, we dive into why Splice Machine runs on Apache HBase and how scale-out architectures for enterprises can mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars for a large-scaled database versus... Read more →
Predictions Video

2016 Predictions for the Big Data Market

by Stefan Groschupf on December 7, 2015
Throughout the year I’ve weighed in with 2-3 minute videos on key trends and news in the big data market for our Big Data & Brews Perspective series. But it’s December now, which means its time... Read more →
CIO Review Magazine

Big Data Governance: How to Crack the Code

by Kenneth Jakobsen on December 3, 2015
**This post originally published in the October 2015 special Big Data issue of CIO Review** Businesses are no longer pondering what big data is; instead they are asking what big data is doing for them, and... Read more →
BDB thumbnail card_Monte Zweban 1 200x200

Big Data & Brews: Splice Machine’s Monte Zweben & the Next Gen of Operational Databases

by Andrew Brust on December 1, 2015
It’s not every day you get a former NASA AI specialist to stop by for a beer and to chat big data. But sometimes the stars align. Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine, shared his favorite California-brewed... Read more →

Closing Out 2015: Let’s Talk Data Governance, More Ecosystem Support, Azure HDInsight Deployment and a Cool New Spark Connector

by Andrew Brust on November 25, 2015
Version 5.11 of Datameer is here, and it’s a big release. Each new feature is impressive on its own, but when you consider all of them together, we’re closing out 2015 with a bang. We’re delivering... Read more →
BDB thumbnail card_Ben Fu Eps 5 200x200

Big Data & Brews: Ben Fu Shares Some Entrepreneurial Advice

by Stefan Groschupf on November 24, 2015
Ben has seen first-hand common mistakes committed by entrepreneurs trying to break into the enterprise technology space. So, I thought I’d ask him about it. What are your lessons learned or advice? Previous Episodes Episode 1 Episode 2... Read more →
Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Award Datameer

2015 Growth Excellence Leader in Global Big Data Analytics

by Sancha Norris on November 23, 2015
It’s not every day that you win an award, so we are super excited to announce Frost & Sullivan has selected Datameer the leader in Growth Excellence Leadership in the Global Big Data Analytics industry. Frost... Read more →

Priceline.com Negotiates Big Data with Datameer!

by Monique Sherman on November 18, 2015
You know what they say about the Negotiator… he gets hotel deals that nobody else can get, because “he knows a guy.” Actually, he seems to know a lot of guys all over the world, over... Read more →
BDB thumbnail card_Ben Fu Eps 4 200x200

Big Data & Brews: Ben Fu Gives a Blueprint for Entrepreneurs in the Enterprise Space

by Stefan Groschupf on November 17, 2015
I don’t want to date myself but I will say I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years. I’ve compiled a number of “do’s” and “don’ts” over the years and I think Ben sums a few of them up nicely. For entrepreneurs... Read more →

Kelley Blue Book + Datameer

by Monique Sherman on November 12, 2015
Kelley Blue Book, the vehicle valuation and automotive research company, found it hard to work with the massive amount of complex data they were accruing – it took 6-7 months just to answer the question of... Read more →
Big Data Brews Ben Fu Next World Capital

Big Data & Brews: How do YOU see the Big Data Market? An Investor Shares

by Stefan Groschupf on November 11, 2015
IDC just released a report that forecasts that the worldwide big data technology and services market will reach about $48.6 billion in 2019. There is a lot going on, which Ben Fu points out in his high-level... Read more →
Big Data & Brews: Ben Fu, Episode 2

Big Data & Brews: How Does Next World Capital Approach the Market?

by Stefan Groschupf on November 3, 2015
Ever wonder how investment companies approach the market? Our board member and NWC general partner, Ben Fu, shared some great insight. While they’ve only been around since 2009, they have a pretty good recipe for success... Read more →
BSBC 239 Compliance Webinar

A Tsunami on the RDARR: BCBS 239’s Impact on the Big Data Lake

by Jason Demby on October 29, 2015
** In a previous post, we discussed the impact of financial services compliance on big data architectures. There may be no better example than BCBS 239.** A tremor was felt far offshore in January 2013 when... Read more →
Big Data & Brews_Ben Fu_Episode 1

Big Data & Brews: A Sneak Peak into Investor, Ben Fu’s Technical Background

by Stefan Groschupf on October 27, 2015
Ben Fu, Next World Capital general partner and one of our board members, stopped by to record with us. Over a cold Belgian Hoegaarden, he talked about his background in engineering — he even wrote his... Read more →
Top 5 Requirements to Make Big Data Work for You and Me

Top 5 Requirements to Make Big Data Work for You and Me

by Sancha Norris on October 22, 2015
I was excited to join Datameer recently as Director of Product Marketing because I believe in its vision—to make big data analytics available for everyone. Now, anyone who makes such claims should be greeted with a... Read more →
Informatica_Anil Chakravarthy

Big Data & Brews: Anil Chakravarthy Diagrams the Big Data Ecosystem

by Stefan Groschupf on October 19, 2015
Our last installment of Big Data & Brews with Anil touches on a cool topic. Of course, I like that we get to use the chalkboard but we also had a chance to break down how Informatica sees... Read more →
Tony Baer_Ovum

Big Data & Brews from Strata New York 2015: Tony Baer on Big Data in the Cloud

by Andrew Brust on October 13, 2015
In the second episode of Big Data & Brews, live from Strata New York, Ovum principal analyst Tony Baer and I discuss recent announcements around big data in the cloud. Google, Amazon, Microsoft… there was plenty... Read more →
Data Informed

Making Hadoop Ready for Enterprise Prime Time

by Raghu Thiagarajan on October 8, 2015
**This article originally posted on Data Informed** There is no doubt that Hadoop excels as the leading software framework for distributed storage and processing of big data. This has been made clear by the success of... Read more →
Pie and Doughnut Charts in Datameer

Big Data & Brews from Strata NY 2015: Tony Baer on Spark in the Hadoop Ecosystem

by Andrew Brust on October 6, 2015
It’s been exciting to kick off our first Big Data & Brews East Coast at Strata + Hadoop World New York! Not only that, but I had the opportunity to meet with my good friend Tony... Read more →
Informatica_Anil Chakravarthy

Big Data & Brews: Anil Chakravarthy & How Consumer Tech Will Influence Enterprise Tech

by Stefan Groschupf on September 29, 2015
If the sky was the limit and we had unlimited storage and compute, what would the future of the data world look like? In part 4 of my interview with Informatica, acting CEO, Anil Chakravarthy, says we’re already seeing... Read more →

Welcome, Microsoft!

by Stefan Groschupf on September 28, 2015
It’s exciting collaborating with a company that established one of the most well known industry standards in software. Microsoft Excel has transformed the way people work with basic number crunching and now boasts over 750 million... Read more →
Informatica_Informatica_Anil Chakravarthy

Big Data & Brews: Informatica on Database Schemas

by Stefan Groschupf on September 22, 2015
My chat with Informatica’s Anil Chakravarthy touched on the subject of database schemas, ETL and dynamic mapping. With the growing number of data sources and complexity, Anil argues that a purely static schema has only limited use... Read more →
BDB thumbnail card_Informatica_Anil_Chakravarthy-2

Big Data & Brews: Part II on Data Security with Informatica

by Stefan Groschupf on September 15, 2015
Informatica’s Anil Chakravarthy and I continue our conversation around data security, this time discussing how risk management is a perfect example of  a data-driven exercise. He elaborates that in the past it was either driven by human... Read more →

How Pinsight Media+ Democratized Data Access with Datameer

by Monique Sherman on September 11, 2015
“Make data matter.” This is the mission, both internal and external, of Pinsight Media+. It’s an ongoing reality that many companies are finding themselves in possession of a wealth of data. Pinsight Media+, a subsidiary of... Read more →
BDB thumbnail card_Informatica_Anil_Chakravarthy-1

Big Data & Brews: Informatica Talks Security

by Stefan Groschupf on September 8, 2015
I’m extremely excited to return from our hiatus with a new interview with Informatica’s Acting CEO, Anil Chakravarthy. He has over 15 years of experience in security and given the importance of big data governance, I thought he was the... Read more →
Data-driven scheduling

Favorite Feature: Data-Driven Scheduling

by Renee Evans-Grant on August 31, 2015
If you are working with data that updates periodically and don’t want the hassle of having to remember to run your workbook every time your datasource updates then you will appreciate this feature. Let’s face it,... Read more →
Cheers Datameers

Time to Celebrate the The Next Stage of Our Journey

by Stefan Groschupf on August 18, 2015
A lot goes into creating a company and a lot more goes into creating a company that endures. There are long days and even longer nights, hiccups along the way, and a sense of trust that can... Read more →
Ever Changing Hadoop Ecosystem

The State of Hadoop: What’s Next?

by Stefan Groschupf on August 17, 2015
**This post originally published on InsideBigData** Everybody wants a piece of the big data pie – particularly Hadoop. Startups are popping up left and right in attempt to be a part of the Hadoop action and... Read more →

Riding the Waves of Financial Services Compliance on the Big Data Lake

by Jason Demby on July 29, 2015
In today’s financial services industry, the pendulum continues to swing further in the direction of lower risk and higher regulation, making it harder than ever to increase profit margins. Dodd-Frank has taken banks out of higher-risk,... Read more →
Powered by Hadoop

Hadoop Standardization Is Essential For Industry Growth

by Stefan Groschupf on July 27, 2015
**This post first appeared on TechCrunch** There’s no doubt that as data grows, Hadoop has proven to be the platform of choice for big data. According to Allied Market Research, the Hadoop market is worth an estimated... Read more →

Cox Automotive Accelerates Discovery with Datameer

by Monique Sherman on July 21, 2015
When Cox Automotive was formed, one of their biggest pillars for success was leveraging all of the data they had across their 22 brands. Just Kelley Blue Book and AutoTrader alone see roughly 36 million visitors... Read more →

Introducing Datameer Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics Application

by Azita Martin on June 24, 2015
Today more than ever, companies rely on marketing organizations as key agents for customer acquisition. In fact, according to Forrester, 60% of the buying decision is made before a prospect talks to a sales rep. For... Read more →
Oil and Gas

Top 3 Big Data Pain Points for Energy Companies

by Matt Boone on June 10, 2015
I recently came across this great article that shares how Shell is using big data analytics to improve oil well efficiency. Having worked with Energy companies, (primarily Upstream and Midstream) the last 15 years, I’m acutely aware of... Read more →
Datameer Data Governance

Introducing Datameer Big Data Governance… and Why it Matters

by Andrew Brust on June 2, 2015
Recently, I wrote a post for ZDNet called “Why Hadoop is hard, and how to make it easier” in which I addressed the results of a Gartner survey of its customers on Hadoop adoption, and Gartner’s... Read more →
Operational Analytics IoT

Big Data Analytics: The Force Behind the Next Internet of Things Wave

by Stefan Groschupf on May 29, 2015
As the Internet of Things (IoT) hits full throttle, it’s easy to talk about how new technologies are improving every day life. For years people have imagined a world where smart machines understand what’s happening around... Read more →

Data is Personal

by Frances Angulo on May 15, 2015
Anxiety is a chameleon. On my best friend, it looks like agoraphobia. On my ex-girlfriend, it looked like depression. And in 2012, I looked in the mirror and realized that on me, it looked like hypochondria.... Read more →

Understand Your Customer Interactions Across All Channels

by Azita Martin on April 30, 2015
**This post originally appeared on Data Informed** Customers interact with companies through multiple channels, including CRM, digital ads, email campaigns, website, social media, and mobile applications. Yet most digital and marketing teams continue to analyze customer... Read more →

Big Data Analytics Can Prevent Healthcare Fraud. Here’s How.

by Stefan Groschupf on April 8, 2015
**This post originally appeared on VentureBeat** Catching and preventing health care fraud is more important than ever. The industry has undergone massive transformations with breakthroughs like the adoption of online health records, remote patient care and... Read more →
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