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Is Your Big Data Architecture Future-Proof?

Selecting a Future Proof Big Data Architecture White Paper

The only thing we can all be certain about the Hadoop ecosystem is that it is forever evolving. So, why would you ever invest in any big data solution that isn’t equipped to evolve right along with it? If you are serious about using Big Data to build a business or better your business, you […]


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Big Data and Hadoop in the News – 2014 Analysis

Big Data in The News 2014

Just in case you doubted that Big Data & Hadoop were hotter than ever – here’s our annual analysis of how much they’re being written about, who is writing about them, and their biggest news days of the year. As usual, the raw data comes to us thanks to (previously known as ITDatabase) and […]


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Wishing All of Our Customers Even More Success in 2015

Customer Success 2015

One of the reasons why I really enjoy working at Datameer is that every day our customers show me new and innovative ways of how they tackle the big data challenge. As the end of 2014 draws to a close, we wanted to pull together a short video to thank our customers for all of […]


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The Big Data Toolbox: Where Does Datameer Fit in the I.T. Ecosystem?

Hadoop Toolbox

It’s a very common theme among enterprise I.T. customers: — “We have too many tools already” — “We have initiatives to reduce vendor footprint” — “How do your tools compare to / contrast with / complement my existing tools?” — “My staff is busy; we don’t have time to become experts in yet another tool” […]


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Datameer Spreading Holiday Cheer

Datameer Spreads Holiday Cheer

We just picked up a great tree from the Delancey Street Foundation! Delancey Street is a national residential self-help organization for those who need to get back on their feet. This is an extra special tree for us as well as it’s our first in our San Francisco headquarters. You can click here to find out where […]


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Cash in on Big Data: How Leading Financial Services Use Big Data for a Competitive Advantage

Financial Services

Financial institutions are cashing in on big data! The most progressive companies in financial services are rapidly deploying big data analytics to yield big results around understanding customer behavior, preventing fraud and delivering more targeted advertisement. By far, understanding customer interactions is at the forefront of these use cases with 48 percent of Datameer FINS […]


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Success Begets Success

apiOmat Enterprises

It’s difficult to be an entrepreneur and it’s even more difficult to be a successful one at that. What creates a successful entrepreneur? There are a number of articles and research papers that cite strong leadership qualities, high self-motivation, willingness to fail and a competitive spirit among a number of traits that are usually associated […]


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A Hadoop Community Success: Elephant Orphanage Update

Elephant Orphanage Update

**This post originally appeared on Stefan’s CEO blog** A year ago we announced that we were donating 100 percent of our proceeds from our Datameer Charity Edition for the month of November to help rescue and rehabilitate elephants orphaned by the illegal ivory trade and release them back into the wild. One year later, we […]


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Do You Have the Secret Weapon?

Competitive Secret Weapon

By now, it’s probably old news that Hortonworks, our partner and a premium Hadoop distributor, filed for IPO earlier this week. This is great for everyone in the Hadoop ecosystem – it will certainly shake up and shape up the Hadoop and big data market going into 2015. So which industries are investing heavily in […]


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The State of Big Data Adoption: A Glance at Top Industries Adopting Big Data & Top Use Cases

Global Hadoop Market Infographic

It’s no surprise to anyone that the amount of data generated on a daily basis is staggering. In fact, the latest statistic says that 90 percent of the world’s data has been generated in just the past two years. From customer transactions, Web-browsing data trails, social network posts and, increasingly, machine-embedded sensors, it can be […]


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