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Data is Personal

Datameer Anxiety Time Track

Anxiety is a chameleon. On my best friend, it looks like agoraphobia. On my ex-girlfriend, it looked like depression. And in 2012, I looked in the mirror and realized that on me, it looked like hypochondria. I had Lyme disease on Tuesday, every single rare form of cancer in a matter of weeks, and of […]


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Understand Your Customer Interactions Across All Channels

Datameer State of the Big Data Industry

**This post originally appeared on Data Informed** Customers interact with companies through multiple channels, including CRM, digital ads, email campaigns, website, social media, and mobile applications. Yet most digital and marketing teams continue to analyze customer interactions in silos within each of these systems. To get a deep understanding of customer behavior, data-driven companies are […]


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How is Datameer different than [insert your favorite BI tool here]?

Lack of Data Scientists?

I’m constantly speaking with people about who we are, what we do and, of course, how we do it. One of the questions that seems to come up in most of my conversations is, “How is Datameer different than [insert your favorite BI tool here]?” Well I’ve got a few answers for you. Generally, it […]


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Datameer + Bigstep: Big Data Analytics for Your Department Now, Not in Months

Datameer in the Cloud

Here’s the problem. Businesses understand that unless they want to get left behind, they need to get started finding value in their big data right now. And “right now” means they can’t just sit around waiting for an enterprise-wide on-premise deployment. But, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up security or performance, or break […]


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Tableau Integration: One Click Magic

Tableau Integration

We’ve always aimed to be a good citizen in the workflow of a business analyst. We purposely built an open architecture so that we can easily augment our product to address customer feedback, or adapt to market changes. Tableau is the new behemoth in the business intelligence world. We have a number of customers who […]


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Your Big Data Architecture Matters A Lot. Here’s Why.

Datameer Architecture

Architecture really matters when it comes to big data. It matters when it comes to getting the most out of the platform today, and more importantly it matters in terms of not locking yourself into certain decisions or limiting your options in the future. We’ll dig into each of the following aspects of Big Data architecture […]


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Real World Big Data Use Cases: Understanding Customer Interactions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customer Acquisition Infographic

Big data is the new Kale (at least, how Kale is now the hot new veggie on every menu of every hot new restaurant in San Francisco). There’s an awful lot of talk swirling around about how big data is impacting nearly everything – from reducing operational costs and spurring development of data-driven products and […]


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Welcome to Big Data Analytics as a Service: BDAaaS ;)

Datameer Big Data Analytics as a Service

The other day I read this phenomenal article from McKinsey about the dawn of marketing’s golden age. It talks about how CMO’s today are faced with massive challenges thanks to the explosion of data from mobile, social and gaming, but if they can harness that data, they stand to gain huge competitive advantage by knowing their customers […]


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Why You’re Thinking About Big Data All Wrong: A Perspective

Why People Are Thinking About Big Data All Wrong

We get it. It’s getting cheaper and cheaper to process data over ‘loads of nodes’. Big data isn’t just for big companies any more. Big data isn’t that big. Big data, big data, big data, cluster, Hadoop, Spark, social, drill-down, structured, unstructured, schema, something, something <insert buzzword here>. The reason that people have ‘big data’ […]


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Is Your Big Data Architecture Future-Proof?

Selecting a Future Proof Big Data Architecture White Paper

The only thing we can all be certain about the Hadoop ecosystem is that it is forever evolving. So, why would you ever invest in any big data solution that isn’t equipped to evolve right along with it? If you are serious about using Big Data to build a business or better your business, you […]


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