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Time to Celebrate the The Next Stage of Our Journey

Datameer Team

A lot goes into creating a company and a lot more goes into creating a company that endures. There are long days and even longer nights, hiccups along the way, and a sense of trust that can last a lifetime. Today, I’m incredibly thankful and excited to share that everyone’s efforts have contributed to where we […]


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Riding the Waves of Financial Services Compliance on the Big Data Lake

Datameer Hadoop elephant surfer

In today’s financial services industry, the pendulum continues to swing further in the direction of lower risk and higher regulation, making it harder than ever to increase profit margins. Dodd-Frank has taken banks out of higher-risk, higher-revenue lines of business to the point that they are forced to write their own wills. Meanwhile, competitive pressures […]


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Cox Automotive Accelerates Discovery with Datameer

Cox Automotive_Datameer

When Cox Automotive was formed, one of their biggest pillars for success was leveraging all of the data they had across their 22 brands. Just Kelley Blue Book and AutoTrader alone see roughly 36 million visitors and 500 million events per day. With Datameer, Cox has been able to expose disparate data sets to their […]


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Introducing Datameer Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics Application

Datameer Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App

Today more than ever, companies rely on marketing organizations as key agents for customer acquisition. In fact, according to Forrester, 60% of the buying decision is made before a prospect talks to a sales rep. For that reason, marketing executives, especially those responsible for digital and marketing campaigns, need to reinvent themselves to become insight […]


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Top 3 Big Data Pain Points for Energy Companies

Datameer Energy Big Data Analytics

I recently came across this great article that shares how Shell is using big data analytics to improve oil well efficiency. Having worked with Energy companies, (primarily Upstream and Midstream) the last 15 years, I’m acutely aware of the pain points they face when it comes to harnessing all the data they’re creating. Speaking with other companies […]


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Introducing Datameer Big Data Governance… and Why it Matters

Datameer Big Data Governance

Recently, I wrote a post for ZDNet called “Why Hadoop is hard, and how to make it easier” in which I addressed the results of a Gartner survey of its customers on Hadoop adoption, and Gartner’s analysis of those results. Gartner reported that 26% of its Research Circle customers were in some phase of Hadoop […]


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Data is Personal

Datameer Anxiety Time Track

Anxiety is a chameleon. On my best friend, it looks like agoraphobia. On my ex-girlfriend, it looked like depression. And in 2012, I looked in the mirror and realized that on me, it looked like hypochondria. I had Lyme disease on Tuesday, every single rare form of cancer in a matter of weeks, and of […]


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Understand Your Customer Interactions Across All Channels

Datameer State of the Big Data Industry

**This post originally appeared on Data Informed** Customers interact with companies through multiple channels, including CRM, digital ads, email campaigns, website, social media, and mobile applications. Yet most digital and marketing teams continue to analyze customer interactions in silos within each of these systems. To get a deep understanding of customer behavior, data-driven companies are […]


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How is Datameer different than [insert your favorite BI tool here]?

Lack of Data Scientists?

I’m constantly speaking with people about who we are, what we do and, of course, how we do it. One of the questions that seems to come up in most of my conversations is, “How is Datameer different than [insert your favorite BI tool here]?” Well I’ve got a few answers for you. Generally, it […]


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Datameer + Bigstep: Big Data Analytics for Your Department Now, Not in Months

Datameer in the Cloud

Here’s the problem. Businesses understand that unless they want to get left behind, they need to get started finding value in their big data right now. And “right now” means they can’t just sit around waiting for an enterprise-wide on-premise deployment. But, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up security or performance, or break […]


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