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The Secrets of Migrating to Cloud Analytics

With the market for cloud analytics predicted to reach $37.8 billion by 2023 (a CAGR of 22.3%), many organizations find themselves moving analytics workloads to the cloud. Therefore, they can take advantage of the easy adoption of cloud services, the instant scalability and elasticity of cloud resources, and the analytics services’ pay-as-you-go consumption model. Migrating to Cloud […]

  • John Morrell
  • February 12, 2020
Data Lineage

What is Data Lineage? 

Your organization puts a great deal of faith in the data that you use every day. After all, your data is deployed across all enterprise areas, from sales, marketing, and R&D to your website, CRM, and mobile applications — and everything in between. As such, your data needs to be clean, accurate, and compliant. Business […]

  • Justin Reynolds
  • February 8, 2020
Governance Feat Img

Five Highly Effective Approaches to Governance

It also creates an environment that makes data available to the right people, encourages trust around data and makes it easily discoverable. Good governance is crucial to a data-driven culture, and understanding its potential can be the launchpad for data-driven success and business transformation. But how do you achieve that?

  • Datameer, Inc.
  • February 27, 2018
Data Governance Featured Image Blog

What’s Needed for Data Governance Today?

Hear from Andrew Brust, blogger at ZDNet and Datameer’s Senior Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence, or skim through the transcripts to learn about what’s needed for data governance in the modern world.

  • Datameer, Inc.
  • February 27, 2018
My Big (Fat) Data Governance Rant Featured Image

My Big (Fat) Data Governance Rant

I recently came across a blog post from Cindi Howson, a Research Vice President focused on BI and analytics at Gartner, “Using the BI and Analytics MQ to Modernize and Select the Right Tool.” In it, she shared some insights and viewer questions from her recent webinar on the same topic. It’s a post worth reading on its own merit. However, one of those viewer questions struck a chord with me:

  • Datameer, Inc.
  • February 23, 2018
Is Data Governance Solely About Controls on Data?

Is Data Governance Solely About Controls on Data?

The Big Data & Brews video blog series continues with host Andrew Brust, Senior Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence at Datameer. The series touches on hot topics within Big Data, Analytics, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Modern BI, NoSQL, and Next Generation Technologies. To hear more, follow this link.

  • Press Release
  • October 20, 2017

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