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Google Partners with Datameer

Datameer Partners with Google Cloud to Deliver Scalable, Secure Migration of Enterprise Data and Analytics Workloads to the Cloud

  • Press Release
  • December 2, 2020

Datameer is now a Google Cloud migration partner

The partnership will help customers build secure pipelines to Google Cloud and run petabyte-scale analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud data environments.  This was originally posted on PRNewswire

Mountain View, California – December 2nd, 2020 – Datameer, a big data pioneer, today announced a strategic partnership to help mature organizations securely and with agility migrate their data workloads to Google Cloud while maintaining business continuity by enabling them to run analytics and machine learning workflows in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Together, Google Cloud brings cloud computing expertise and an extensive suite of cloud data products and services. Datameer brings 10 years of experience helping Fortune 100 companies in highly regulated industries build and manage some of the largest and most secured data lake implementations in the world.

With Datameer Spectrum, data engineers will be able to create, manage, and operationalize end-to-end hybrid data pipelines for bursting and complete seamless data migrations from on-premises Hadoop and data warehouse systems to Dataproc and Google BigQuery. Datameer Spectrum supports some of the most demanding governance and security implementations and will enable automated pipeline migration between environments, thereby enabling the gradual increase of Google Cloud data gravity.

Meanwhile, business and data science teams will use Datameer Spotlight, a self-service analytics hub that virtualizes customers’ complex enterprise landscape — composed of on-premises and various cloud data sources–  as a one-stop virtual data marketplace to search, discover and create new big data sets on-demand to consume in any BI (e..g Looker) or data science tool of choice. These virtualized views will then get pushed down to BigQuery for processing. With Datameer Spotlight, teams will leverage Google Cloud and bring its cloud efficiencies to all their analytics programs.

In turn, any highly used virtual data set in Datameer Spotlight can be migrated/materialized into Google Cloud using Datameer Spectrum, thereby enabling agile cloud migration by turning the highest value analyses into native cloud-based analytics, with each project faster, more cost-effective, and less risky.

“We have seen how large enterprises—especially in regulated industries, with large Hadoop and EDW deployments—are struggling to bring data and analytics workloads to the cloud. Different security models, complex governance implementations, and the need for continuous business operations in critical areas has created quite the challenge for all too many organizations,” says George Shahid, CEO of Datameer. “We are partnering with Google Cloud and its fantastic data management capabilities to help enterprises seamlessly move to Google Cloud while leveraging the auto-scaling, trusted, and secure infrastructure available through the Dataproc and BigQuery services.”

“Datameer’s partnership with Google Cloud enables customers to more seamlessly move their large volumes of data to Google Cloud and transform into agile, cloud-native shops that are well-positioned for the future,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Once migrations are complete, customers can benefit from Google Cloud’s capabilities in areas like AI, ML, and analytics with Datameer Spectrum to unlock the full potential of their data.”

About Datameer

Datameer Inc. is the company behind Datameer Spectrum, the world’s leading enterprise data pipelining, curation, and preparation solution, and Datameer Spotlight, a virtual access layer that enables the business to discover, curate, collaborate and create new datasets across data silos. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in the UK and Germany.

To learn more about Datameer, visit

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