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Hybrid Enterprise Analytics Eliminate Data Blindspots
with Agile Hybrid-Cloud Analytics

Provide secure, governed self-service access to data across your disparate data landscape so analysts can discover and explore key datasets, collaborate, and share knowledge for faster cloud-based analytics without complex, risky data architectures.

Key Capabilities

Datameer delivers everything your analytics teams need – discovery, access, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and governance – in a single integrated platform across your hybrid data landscape to accelerate and take the risk out of your cloud analytics.

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Easy Data Discovery & Consumption

Datameer makes it easy for analysts to discover and explore data residing anywhere across your disparate data landscape, allowing them to find the best data to solve the analytical problem at hand.

Cloud Migration - Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Deep Security and Governance

Datameer provides some end-to-end security and governance features to eliminate functionality gaps between your on-premises and cloud environments and keeps your source data safe in-place.

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Collaborate and Share Knowledge

A rich array of collaboration and documentation features allow analytics teams to share their knowledge and gain re-use of assets. At the same time, built-in ML provides even more information to build trust.

Key Outcomes


Agile Cloud Analytics that Eliminate Blindspots

Analytics teams can be self-service, consume more data, and produce new analytics quickly. It will give the business a deeper, wider, and more accurate view to make better decisions and execute faster.

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Secure and Well Governed Cloud Data & Analytics

No need to sacrifice security and governance in the cloud or use disjointed tools. Datameer is a single self-service platform that can deliver new analytics fast with enterprise security and governance you expect.

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Increased Trust & Data Literacy to Improve Decision Making

It is not just about the data – it is about what the data is really telling you. Collaboration and knowledge sharing will help drive greater trust and data literacy and increase analytics and decision-making accuracy.