Does your team have access to all the right data when they need it to deliver faster insights to the business?

Does your team know enough about your data and effectively share their collective wisdom to deliver trusted results?

Datameer Spotlight Discover. Access. Model. Share. Repeat.

Spotlight gives analysts the ability to search for, access, and explore any data regardless of location — whether in the cloud or on-premises — when they need it and lets analytic teams collaborate and share knowledge about data.  All this in a single unified self-service platform lets teams quickly iterate through analytic cycles for faster, highly trusted analytics without complex data movement.

Datameer Spotlight

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Why Datameer Spotlight?

  • Find & Use the Data You Need

    Discover and access all of your data when you need it.

  • Deliver Answers Faster

    Enable faster, highly valuable insights for optimal decision making.

  • Deliver Trusted Results

    Collaborate and share knowledge to deliver trusted and transparent analytics results.

  • Optimized for the Cloud

    Deliver cloud analytics projects faster with lower costs and less technology risk.

How it works


Search and find any data and virtually access it without duplicating it. Work with any data type – databases, data warehouses, data lakes, applications, documents -from any location – on-premises, cloud, or in SaaS applications


Build understanding and trust through collaboration and AI-assisted knowledge about your data. Bring together your analysts and data scientists to share, reuse and collaborate


Combine datasets from disparate systems. Use more data in your analytics to generate more accurate and actionable insights


Access your data from one location using any of your favorite BI and data science tools. Eliminate the reliance on IT

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Impacting Everyone in the Analytics Organization

  • Analytics Practioner

    Use Spotlight’s agile iterative approach to discover, explore, model, and consume data for faster insights all the time. Let Spotlight eliminate your team’s dependency on IT for data, speeding your analytics cycles, and getting answers as you need them.

  • Analytics Leader

    Dramatically increase the efficiency of your analytics team and over-deliver to the business, all the while making your analytics practitioners happy, engaged, and indispensable.

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  • BI Leader/COE

    Bridge your data silos, increase the efficiency of your analytics stack, leverage the cloud, and maximize the return from your BI investments.

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  • IT / Data Engineer

    Deliver true self-service to the analytics community and spend less time on mundane one-off data requests and get to more strategic projects.

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  • Business Leader

    Get business questions answered faster and make every decision data-driven for greater business agility and confident actions.

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  • Chief Financial Officer

    Use Spotlight to deliver real ROI to your analytics initiatives and team.  Spotlight will immediately allow your analytics teams to gain efficiencies and double or triple their output.  Faster and additional analytics will let the business be more responsive to drive more revenue and gain cost efficiencies.

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