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How to calculate age in Tableau workbook?

  • Tableau FAQs
  • December 13, 2018

To calculate age in Tableau, you need to use the date functions. So, for example, to solve this problem, we can use the DATEADD and DATEDIFF functions. The first function is used to add a certain number of days, months, etc., to the current date. The second function calculates the interval between two dates. This is a powerful combination of functions, and it will help calculate not only age but also any interval between two dates.

IF DATEADD('year', DATEDIFF('year', [Birthday], TODAY()), [Birthday])> TODAY()

    DATEDIFF('year', [Birthday], TODAY())-1


    DATEDIFF('year', [Birthday], TODAY())


What is this expression doing?

IF DATEADD(‘year’, DATEDIFF(‘year’, [Birthday], TODAY()), [Birthday])> TODAY(), – in this part of the expression, we add the years that we calculate from the difference between the date of birth and today


    DATEDIFF(‘year’, [Birthday], TODAY())-1 since we are using the IF function to check the correct age display. since at the time of calculations, the birthday may not yet come. then we subtract one year so that the data is displayed correctly

    DATEDIFF(‘year’, [Birthday], TODAY())

END if the expression is incorrect, then we just display the age

That is how to calculate age in Tableau using the DATEDIFF expression.

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