Announcing the Datameer + Snowflake Partnership

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  • January 25, 2022

Datameer announces partnership with Snowflake to enable customers, regardless of programming skills, to model and transform data in Snowflake.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 25, 2022 – Today, Datameer has announced a partnership with Snowflake , the Data Cloud company, to launch the industry’s first multi-persona code/no-code data modeling and transformation solution on Snowflake.  The new solution offers an innovative data modeling and transformation toolset that brings non-coders into the analytic engineering process and fosters collaboration between citizen data users and engineers to accelerate the creation and delivery of datasets for analytics, machine learning, and reporting.

Organizations globally are modernizing their data stack with Snowflake.  The Snowflake Data Cloud offers tremendous advances in terms of scalability, flexibility, ease of use, and reduced administration. While modern ETL and ELT tools have automated loading and syncing data into Snowflake, data engineering teams work with developing fit-for-purpose datasets to meet the ever-growing analytical and machine learning needs of the business. With Datameer, business teams with no prior SQL coding experience can self-serve and create their own datasets inside of Snowflake via a no-code visual interface. Data engineers can review, contribute or optimize these datasets if needed using a more traditional SQL editor.  Datameer gives data engineers the control they require and analysts the ability to support a collaborative data modeling and transformation process.

In addition, users can annotate and comment on any dataset, which in turn becomes searchable along with the metadata, enabling users to search Snowflake for the dataset they need, reuse datasets or duplicate and tailor them for their specific need.

“One of the primary reasons customers love Snowflake is because we eliminate barriers for business users, independent of their programming skills, to work with data,” said Tarik Dwiek, Snowflake Head of Technology Alliances.  “The Datameer solution helps enable this  goal by opening up Snowflake to the entire analytics community regardless of their SQL or Python proficiency.”

“Even the most progressive data-driven organizations struggle with keeping the data centralized and making it easily accessible and usable for anyone in the organization”. says George Shahid, Datameer CEO. “Datameer provides the last puzzle piece, enabling the citizen data user to create and curate Snowflake data into reusable datasets without leaving Snowflake, saving engineering team time, and enabling fast, easy and consistent reporting”

“We centralize our data in Snowflake and use Datameer to build the data models needed to support the various analytics projects across the organization directly in Snowflake,” said Ryan Goodman, Vice President of Analytics at Reliant Funding.  “Historically, these models were built using lots of SQL code taking months to develop and roll out. Compared to other data transformation tools, Datameer’s intuitive, in-Snowflake, no-code solution enables my teams to publish ready-to-use data in hours.”

The Datameer SaaS data transformation solution for Snowflake is available today.  Organizations are invited to schedule a personalized private preview to get a more detailed look at this unique new solution after which they can receive a free trial.


Datameer enables data engineers and citizen data users to transform and model data directly in Snowflake via a simple SQL code or no-code interface to solve complex analytical and ML projects. Organizations of all sizes globally have relied on Datameer technology for over a decade including Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada, British Telecom, 3M, Bank of Montreal, Optum, Morningstar, Vivint, and more.  To learn more, please visit .


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