Customer Segmentation

Target promotions to reduce customer acquisition costs

  • With mushrooming customer acquisition costs, it has become more important to target promotions effectively. Now, information about a person comes from social media sources in addition to traditional transaction data. To deal with all the data they needed and the pressure to reduce customer acquisition costs, this financial services company used Datameer to correlate purchase history, profile information and behavior on social media sites. For example, they collected customer profile data and then correlate it with transaction history and things the customers "liked" on Facebook.

    This way, the company was able to offer a special promotions to health food stores to customers who "liked" watching cooking programs and shopped frequently at an organic foods store.

    Customer Segmentation

    Variety 50+ different feeds, MySQL and JSON data from message queues and flat files, and log files
    Volume As their customer base grew, data volumes outstripped the capacity of their existing RDMBS-based system.
    Velocity To maintain SLA’s within hours, the company had to rapidly analyze data across growing volumes of customer data.

  • Decrease Customer
    Acquisition Costs

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