Fraud Detection Case Study

Analyze 7x More Data while Reducing
Processing Time by 96%

  • Process Billions of Data Points
    Banks need to be able to quickly identify potentially fraudulent credit card transactions. This requires the ability to swiftly prepare data regarding these transactions and historical spending patterns. This leading bank has billions of data points to process. Their previous analytic environment had limits in computational power and in the ability to handle large volumes of data. The company wanted to increase the speed, agility and capacity to build, refine, and calibrate analytic models with three specific goals: eliminate sampling bias by building models with more data; test and iterate models faster and increase overall performance as compared to existing models while improving modeler efficiency and productivity.

    Ultimately, the bank wanted to accelerate customer spend pattern signature detection, a computationally expensive analytic process. The goal was to analyze historical transactions to create signature vectors for different entities (customers, clients, industries, branches, economies, etc.) that capture the norms observed in prior behavior. In addition, they wanted to identify changes in behavior by classifying current transactions and comparing them to the relevant signature vector.

    Analyzing Millions of Credit Card Transactions
    The company built a query as a Datameer workbook for millions of credit card accounts, encompassing almost three billion transactions; 50 spending categories; and 55 attributes per category.

    Using Datameer, the query ran in 51 minutes. In comparison, the company also built a query using their existing ERP solution, but used less than half the number of accounts and only 3 spending categories. This query ran in 36 hours. The Datameer solution provided a significant improvement in performance, reducing processing time by 96 percent while processing 7 times the number of data points.

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