Behavioral Analytics

Improve game flow and increase the number of paying customers

  • The game for gaming companies is to increase customer acquisition, retention and monetization. This means getting more users to play, play more often and longer, and pay. First, analysts use Datameer to identify common characteristics of users. As a result, gaming companies can target these users better with the right advertising placement and content. To increase retention, analysts use Datameer to understand what gets a user to play longer. A user who plays longer and interacts with other players makes the overall gaming experience better. To increase monetization, analysts use Datameer to identify the group of users most likely to pay based on common characteristics. As a result of this analysis the company was able to double their revenue to over $100M.


    Behavioral Analytics

    Variety Game event logs, user profile data, social interaction data captured during games between players
    Volume & Velocity 150+ points of data collected from millions of monthly users

  • Increased
    by 2x

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