Why Datameer

Datameer helps you produce and deliver more data assets to help business teams answer new business questions. Datameer’s agile platform covers the entire data lifecycle, including ingestion, preparation, exploration and consumption, to enable analysts to create and manage their own analytic data pipelines to drive faster, trusted data-driven insights anywhere.

30 Days to <1 Day

“Datameer accelerated our marketing analytics from a monthly cycle to intra-day.”


150x Faster

“Datameer accelerated cancer treatment plans by 150x and discovered previously unkown cancer genomes.”

DKFZ, German Cancer Research Center

98% Faster

“Datameer reduced our analytic cyles by 98% by empowering our business teams to do it themselves.”

Yapi Kredi Bank

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Recognized as an Industry Leader

Industry analysts recognize Datameer’s prowess in the creating and managing enterprise-grade data pipelines that drive faster, smarter insights.


“Forrester recommends Datameer to clients whose main challenge is data curation, analysis or discovery.”

Boris Evelson | Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

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Leading Enterprises Trust Datameer

Leading companies trust Datameer to deliver the right information to the right business teams daily.

Openreach BT Group

What Makes Datameer Different?

Discovering answers to new, unknown questions with new data requires a platform that lets you quickly finesse your data assets to feed data discovery teams. Datameer helps you deliver more value from data assets, delivering new data pipelines that answer new business questions faster and power actions that drive better outcomes.

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Truly Enterprise-Class

Complete Data Pipeline Platform

Datameer covers the entire data lifecycle to streamline turning raw data into business-ready information

Data-Centric Workflow


Datameer provides the scalability, security and governance to reliably serve your enterprise needs

Sentiment analytics

Intuitive Business-ready Tools

Intuitive, interactive and visual tools speed the creation of business-led data pipelines

Reduce analytic cycles

Fast, Easy Data Exploration

Unconstrained visual exploration of extremely large datasets helps fuel faster insights to your BI & analytics ecosystem.

Meet Datameer

Fuel your business with trusted data.

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