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Datameer Is Modern BI.

Experience the Advantage.

Do More with Self-Service Analytics

You’re under constant pressure to deliver more results. With Datameer’s self-service analytics, you can perform all the steps yourself – integration, preparation, analysis, visualization and operationalization. This will speed your analysis and help you deliver more answers to the business.

Experience Smart Data Discovery

Data discovery is meant to be fast, iterative and smart. Datameer’s smart data discovery will lead you the answers through a user experience that designed specifically for exploration and experimentation, and includes visual data profiling, and intelligent guidance. Let your data show the way.

Speed Your Answers With Smart Execution

You want your answers fast. Datameer delivers them faster. Smart Execution knows how to deliver the optimal performance for your analytic workloads and produce your answers faster than you ever imagined.

Avoid Chaos with Complete Governance

Our big data governance features are open-architected and forward-compatible, so you don’t have to choose between self-service big data analytics, and a robust, governable, big data architecture. And because Datameer acts as an abstraction layer over Hadoop, using your Hadoop cluster via Datameer ensures greater big data security than Hadoop provides natively.

Deploy As You Choose: Cloud, On-Premise or Desktop

We’re built to run where, and how, you want. Use Datameer Cloud for a fully managed service that requires no IT resources. Use Datameer Enterprise to run on your own systems or your favorite cloud platform. Or simply use Datameer Personal to start your big data journey on your laptop. Switching is easy if your needs change. Datameer is versatile and flexible, just like your company needs to be.

We Hadoop, So You Don't Have To

Hadoop itself is hard, but you wouldn't know it with Datameer on top. Our intuitive spreadsheet interface gives you self-service big data discovery functionality, while the power of HDFS, MapReduce and other Hadoop execution engines are leveraged under the hood and out of sight.

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