Why Datameer

Datameer’s big data platform transforms complex data into business-ready information. Our visual-everywhere approach enables all your analysts to use your data lake, helping field faster, trusted data-driven insights anywhere.

Leader in big data analytics


“Datameer identified cancer genomes that were not discoverable before and accelerated personal treatment plans by 150x.”

DKFZ, German Cancer Research Center

6 weeks to 2 hours

“Datameer reduced our analytic cycles from 6 weeks to 2 hours.”



“Datameer gave us a 98 percent reduction in analytic cycles by letting business users do the work themselves without the need to talk to IT.”

Yapi Kredi Bank

A Leader in Big Data Analytics

Recognized as a leading solution for complex data by Forrester and Gartner, Datameer believes in constant product innovation—which is why we have the best complex data solution on the market.


“Forrester recommends Datameer to clients whose main challenge is data curation, analysis or discovery.”

Boris Evelson | Vice President, Pricipal Analyst, Forrester Research

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Leading Companies Trust Datameer

Every day, top enterprises rely on Datameer to turn their complex data into better business outcomes.

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BT Group

What Makes Datameer Different?

Answering complex business questions requires more than your run-of-the-mill big data platform. Datameer helps you deliver more value from your data lake, answering new business questions faster and powering actions to drive better outcomes.

Data-centric approach
Visual and interactive

Visual and interactive

Visual exploration brings your analysts to the data lake to prepare and refine data on their own.

Handle complex data

Handles your most complex data

Easily integrate, transform and blend data from many different sources and formats.

Truly Enterprise-Class

Truly enterprise-class

Scalable, secure and governable, Datameer ensures you deliver on your SLAs.

Ecosystem integration

Ecosystem integration

Datameer is designed to work with and gain more from your existing IT and BI investments.

Sentiment analytics

Powers innovative analytics

Deliver business-ready information that can power innovative AI-enriched analytics.

Scales to your needs

Scales to your needs

Deliver insights from even the largest data lake across your entire organization.

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See how Datameer can help you leverage your complex data in entirely new ways.

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