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Product Overview

Modern BI is all about answering new business questions and producing more results to feed your data-hungry organization. You need an agile platform that lets you perform rapid data discovery and puts your insights to work to get results every day.

Get ANY Data In – Easily

Getting your data into Datameer is as simple as picking your data store from a drop-down menu of 70+ common sources and selecting how – and when – you want to pull your data. Big or small, structured or unstructured, a one-time upload or scheduled to pull every minute. All data is welcome; schemas are not required.

Data Preparation Done Right

With traditional ETL, data preparation is a section of the assembly line. In Datameer, prep and analysis are iterative and complimentary, so your data preparation tasks are driven by your analyses, and vice versa.

Data Analytics Made Point-and-Click

From simple transforms to complex joins and text mining analytics, Datameer’s spreadsheet user interface and 270+ point-and-click analytic functions means instant gratification in your data discovery process. Insatiable curiosity rewarded here.

Big Data Visualization for Storytelling

Telling the story of your analysis is easy in Datameer's WYSIWYG Business Infographic Designer. Instead of being constrained to traditional dashboards, Datameer provides you with a blank canvas to design beautiful infographics or reports that are consumable on any device and will automatically update every time your data updates.

big data analytics data management

Data Management

Robust, enterprise-grade data management capabilities are a given. Flexible integration points makes managing data flow dependencies within your organization easy. You can import, export, or link to your data. Storage and data partitioning, compression, retention policy, data profiling, source analyzer and meta analytics? We’ve got it all.

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