Power Your Tableau Users With Big Data

Your Tableau users want curated data from your complex big data. And that’s what Datameer delivers. With a familiar, self-service interface and seamless integration, Datameer puts the power of big data in the hands of Tableau users.

Prepare Data Quickly and Easily

With an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface and powerful suite of over 270 functions, Datameer empowers your Tableau analysts to blend, shape and share data sets efficiently to speed discovery and analysis.

Enrich With Advanced Analytics

Tableau customers can now add Datameer to their workflow to analyze any data and uncover hidden patterns, short-term trends, customer behavior and other useful business information buried in your big data.

Smart Analytics

Single-Click Integration

With a single-click, you can publish the results of your big data analysis into Tableau Desktop or directly into a Tableau Server project, making it incredibly easy to integrate into your existing Tableau reporting infrastructure.

Tableau Single Click Integration

The Perfect Complement to Tableau Visualization

Discover how you can leverage Datameer’s capabilities to deliver smarter data to your existing Tableau project.

Charlie Crocker

Charlie Crocker

Business Analytics Program Lead, Autodesk

“We have a high terabyte data lake that is growing daily. The Datameer and Tableau Server connector is incredibly valuable for us as we continue to democratize big data analytics within our company. Now a single Datameer user can publish data directly to our entire Tableau server community with a few simple clicks.”

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