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Big Data Insights with Datameer + Tableau

With a familiar, self-service spreadsheet user interface and seamless integration, Datameer puts the power of big data in the hands of Tableau users.

Big Data Insights, Fast

Tableau customers can now add Datameer to their workflow to quickly analyze any data, iteratively, to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, short-term trends, customer behavior and other useful business information found in row-level, multi-structured data. By adding Datameer's self-service big data insights platform to their workflow, businesses can discover new insights in minutes instead of months, ensuring the fastest time to insight.

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Your Big Data Challenges, Solved

With Datameer, it’s easy to aggregate and shape your big data perfectly for visualization in Tableau. Even the most common big data challenges are self-service, including:

  • Data integration is point-and-click with more than 70 pre-built system and data connectors
  • Big data blending is driven by an interactive spreadsheet UI and doesn’t involve IT changing schemas or taxing your production system
  • Data transformation is easy with more than 240+ pre-built analytical functions
  • Event-based data analytics help you uncover hidden patterns of behavior
  • Advanced analytics like clustering, decision trees and more are all drag-and-drop; not a line of code is required

Single-Click Integration

With a single-click, you can publish the results of your big data analysis into Tableau Desktop or directly into a Tableau Server project, making it incredibly easy to integrate into your existing Tableau reporting infrastructure.

  • Charlie Crocker
  • Business Analytics Program Lead
  • Autodesk

"We have a high terabyte data lake that is growing daily. The Datameer and Tableau Server connector is incredibly valuable for us as we continue to democratize big data analytics within our company. Now a single Datameer user can publish data directly to our entire Tableau server community with a few simple clicks."

Datameer + Tableau Solution Brief

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Datameer + Tableau Demo

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