Big Data Operationalization

Turn your insights into actions

The true value from big data insights comes when they drive action with business teams. You need operationalization capabilities that can consistently sift through your large volumes of data, find signals within the noise and deliver actionable information to business stakeholders to drive better outcomes.

Execute Fast and Efficiently

Feeding information to your teams requires a big data execution architecture that delivers insights quickly. Say hello to Smart Execution. It automatically optimizes analytic execution so your IT team doesn’t need to, and ensures your data is processed in the shortest time possible.

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Smart execution

Govern How You Want

You need to empower your business teams, yet maintain proper security and privacy of key datasets. Datameer’s strong governance capabilities enable you to give appropriate access to data where needed, yet keep data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) private.

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Get Data to Key Stakeholders

Your insights need to reach all key business teams so they can act on information about customers, operations and risk. Use Datameer’s infographics to reach all your key stakeholders, or use our extensive suite of connectors to send data to your favorite visualization tools or business apps. To integrate data anywhere else in your organization, our REST APIs will handle what you need.

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Deploy With Confidence

Your IT team requires an architecture that fulfills needs for scalability, execution, integration and security. Datameer offers an enterprise-grade architecture and feature set that will let your IT team deploy a big data analytics architecture that satisfies the most stringent requirements.

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Datameer architecture