Big Data Integration

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Ingesting your data for downstream prep and analysis can be a formidable task. But Datameer connects to all your data whether it’s on Hadoop or not, manages how the data is accessed and offers schema flexibility upon ingestion. It’s part of our end-to-end data pipeline, simplifying and shrinking your analytic cycles.

Big Data Integration

We Love All Your Data, Just Like You Do

There are no second-class data sources. With more than 70 connectors to the most common ones and an SDK for those less-common, Datameer lets you load structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from any source with ease.

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Get Your Data in, Just the Way You Want

Upload files, import an entire dataset or use data links to pull data as frequently as you need it. Datameer uses the power of Hadoop to ingest even the largest datasets. The data integration process is optimized with robust sampling, parsing, scheduling and data retention tools that make it easy and efficient to get the data you need.

Managing Your Data

Data Profiling
Source Analyzer, Meta Analytics
Import, Export Data Links
Storage Data Partitioning
Retention Policy

Datameer provides a robust set of data management capabilities that include data retention policies, automated partitioning, compaction and compression, and incremental data loading. On ingestion, Datameer can filter out corrupt, dirty and incomplete data, aiding your data cleansing process.

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