Datameer for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Datameer on AWS helps organizations unlock all their raw data. Use a single platform that integrates natively with AWS services for an agile analytics lifecycle. Without any code, teams can rapidly integrate, transform, discover, and operationalize analytics-ready datasets to their projects. Datameer breaks down data siloes, gets companies ahead of their data demands, and empowers everyone to discover insights.


Natively integrates with AWS services for compute, storage, security and management for a seamless experience.

Easy to use

Simple, yet powerful spreadsheet-like interface for no-coding transformation of data of any scale, complexity and from any source.

Feed Cloud Analytics

Operationalize data workflows to feed downstream cloud data warehouses, BI and data science tools.

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Datameer Enterprise

Datameer Enterprise is designed to handle the scale, volume, and complexity of big data and heavy-duty enterprise workloads. With native support for AWS EMR, S3, and IAM, Datameer Enterprise was built for the complexity of large enterprises—yet it’s so easy to use that business analysts, data scientists and data architects can collaborate on a centralized view of all their data (cloud and on-premise) and deploy to the tool of their choice – including data warehouses such as Redshift, BI tools such as QuickSight, and data science tools such as Sagemaker.

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Datameer Express

Datameer Express is designed for teams that work with small-to-medium sized datasets and is optimized for a single compute instance. Datameer Express does not require a compute cluster, and can handle workloads of up to 8GB. It’s so easy to use that everyone from business analysts to data scientists to data architects can collaborate on a centralized view of all their data and deploy to the tool of their choice

Free Trial on AWS

Leverage an architecture designed for the enterprise


Leverage compute power in the cloud. Datameer’s unique cloud-native architecture leverages easily available AWS compute resources while abstracting away the complexity, eliminating the need for time-consuming programming and maintenance.


No need to move your data. Datameer processes your data natively in your AWS environment so that you can scale out on large data sets. Don’t suffer the latency of having to move your data first.


No more coding. Datameer’s architecture is designed to discover your schema on-the-fly allowing for quick integration of new data sets. Our easy spreadsheet-style transformations puts your data in the hands of analysts without writing any code.


Separation of storage and compute for cost savings in the cloud. Datameer enables dynamic elasticity with an architecture that separates storage from compute. Scale out jobs on large data sets. Compute power is then deallocated when the job is done to reduce cost.


Easily spin up new environments for workloads. Meet every SLA. Instantaneously deploy environments for your business and/or analytics initiatives. Deliver the power and reliability needed for your most data intensive jobs.


Democratize data with strong yet flexible governance. Leverage advanced governance with fine-grained security with plug-in integration to enterprise or cloud user access control solutions.

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