Datameer for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Datameer for AWS provides the ultimate combination of power, flexibility and agility. Datameer is the first data pipeline platform architected specifically for AWS, offering rapid time to value, complete elasticity and accessibility to unlimited compute resources.

Deep Integration with AWS

You want a platform that delivers a seamless, optimized cloud experience. Datameer for AWS uses powerful EC2 and S3 resources, provides integrated security and management with Amazon Authentication and Access Control and the AWS Management Console, and integrates with Amazon Redshift. Drive your cloud analytics with deeper, faster data pipelines.

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Datameer AWS

Get Even More Agile

Elasticity to Meet Any Business Requirement

Your big data pipeline needs to turn on a dime to meet constantly evolving requirements. Datameer for AWS separates compute and storage resources to provide the full elasticity you expect from the cloud, with all the enterprise-class features such as data security you need from a cloud data management platform.

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Eliminate Reliance on IT

Fully architected for AWS and instantaneously provisioned, you don’t have to wait for IT to procure and spin up specialized hardware or software. It is the simplest and fastest way to fuel your cloud analytics with more data.


Feed Your New Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Datameer is the perfect platform to create and manage business-driven data pipelines of cloud-based, enterprise, or hybrid data to your cloud data warehouses such as Redshift and Snowflake. Drive faster, business-led data pipelines for faster, constantly evolving insights.


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