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Data Lake Optimization Data Lake Optimization

Dramatically reduce escalating data engineering costs and deliver more value to the business from your data lake while monetizing new revenue opportunities from data-driven products.

Key Capabilities

Datameer gives you the combination of speed and enterprise-grade capabilities to deliver more insights and value from your data lake without sacrificing security and scale.

Agile, Code-free Data Lake Curation

Datameer integrates with a wide number of data sources. An easy, spreadsheet-style interface with over 300 powerful functions makes it easy to turn your raw data lake into analytics consumable datasets without one line of code.

Scalable, Elastic DataOps

Datameer operationalization features make it easy to deploy, manage, and execute data pipelines at scale on even the largest and most sophisticated data lakes, to generate more value from your data lake.

Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Datameer is used on some of the largest and most security-conscious data lakes at large banks, telecom carriers, and insurers, so it has the features to keep your data lake secure and well-governed.

Key Outcomes

Dramatically reduce data engineering costs while curating more data for your analytics teams.

Increase the value delivered to the business from your data lake with new and never before seen insights.

Monetize the vast volumes of data in your data lake to create new data-driven products and revenue streams for your clients.