How to Reel-in Data Engineering Costs

  • John Morrell
  • January 2, 2022

Data volumes continue to grow at an astronomical rate. IDC’s Global DataSphere claimed that 64 zettabytes (ZB) of data was created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world in 2020. IDC also predicts data volumes will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26% through 2025. And that’s why it’s so crucial to reel-in data engineering costs with Datameer.

Reeling-in Data Engineering Costs.

Why costs are so high

The number of places where data comes from also continues to grow. Organizations are using and consuming a more significant number of SaaS applications and cloud services. In addition, enterprises are seeing massive growth in “edge” data and data coming from IoT devices.

Many organizations are already encountering escalating data engineering costs. Throwing more data engineers at the data volume and diversity problem will only make costs continue to rise. Data engineers are in high demand. There is a shortage of data engineer skills, allowing data engineers to demand salary premiums.

The shift of the modern data stack from ETL to ELT allowed organizations to use the economics and scale of a CDW such as Snowflake to help reduce infrastructure costs. The shift to ELT added benefit – letting the analytics teams transform the data on their own, directly inside of a CDW such as Snowflake.

Why Datameer

Datameer  has a unique multi-persona code (SQL), low-code (formulas), and no-code (graphical) toolset. Allowing any team member to model, blend, shape, and enrich data to produce the most accurate and actionable results. Less-technical analytics team members can model and transform data independently to reduce the dependency on data engineering teams and the need to grow these teams continually.

By allowing your analytics team to model and transform data themselves, Datameer helps you lower, or at least keep in check, your data engineering costs. Datameer also lets the analytics teams that are the most knowledgeable about new data sources model the data themselves to produce the best possible analytics results.

Do you want to see Datameer in action? And explore these unique data modeling and transformation capabilities? Sign up for your free trial today!

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