January `20 Product Update

  • Datameer, Inc.
  • February 5, 2020

What does Datameer Spotlight’s product vision have in common with the year?

Both are Twenty-Twenty

With that, we have exciting new enhancements to talk about in Datameer Spotlight’s first release of 2020. Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. January highlights include improved UI experiences, speed enhancements, more access to help when you need it, and support for a new type of asset!

Web App Assets

There is a lot of knowledge around an analysis project. It might be a dashboard you saw on the web or a Powerpoint that sparked creativity. Perhaps it is a PDF in Box or a Google Sheet. We added web apps, so you only have one place you need to go for all your analytics. Add whatever asset you want to help you with your analysis by merely pasting the URL. That knowledge stays in your Dataspace along with all your other assets. 

Sharper UI

Datameer Spotlight’s experience continues to grow and evolve with your needs.

Never Have FoMA (Fear of Missing Analytics)

The  Activities  panel can now be accessed from any Datameer Spotlight page. Never miss what your teammates are doing.

Easier Access To Recent Assets

Newly added and recently referenced assets such as applications or documents are now included in the  Recently Used  display on the Home page.


You can now create a new Dataspace on-the-fly when adding a dataset or document.

Deeper Search

Datameer Spotlight has been updated with an improved navigation toolbar and new icons that indicate the various asset types.


You can now search for uploaded files by file extension, and search results now display each asset’s owner.


All Datameer Spotlight users can now view the metadata for all Datameer Spotlight assets in search card results and on the asset details page.

Feel The Need For Speed

We fine-tuned how Datameer Spotlight acts to increase overall speed and query performance.

Find Results

To speed up the Datameer Spotlight find experience, find results are limited to the top 100 assets that match your search criteria.

Query Performance

Dataset query performance for  Snowflake  data sources is much faster now.

Online Guide

Help Menu 

Help is now available anywhere in Datameer Spotlight. We now have a full Help menu inside Datameer Spotlight, so you have easy access to guidance exactly when you need it.

Online Guide

We are always here to help. Along with Getting Started, use the  User Guide  option to navigate to the Online User Guide and a Help Center to contact Customer Support.