How to Get Your Team Collaborating on Your Data

  • John Morrell
  • January 1, 2022
Getting Your Team Collaborating on Your Data

Data volumes are more extensive than ever. And the data is coming from an ever-growing number of sources. As a result, data modeling and transformation is now the most critical aspect of analytics. What data you include and how you shape the data will be the key factors that determine your analytics’ accuracy and actionability. In short, that’s why it’s so important to get your team collaborating on your data.

Getting Your Team Collaborating on Your Data:

Why the whole team is important

As such, you must get your  entire  data and analytics teams involved in your data modeling and transformation processes. Not just the data engineers. Why?  Because spread across your teams is the knowledge and understanding about your data.

  • Data engineers  tend to know more about the data itself. Where it resides, how it is structured and formatted, and how to get it. And less about how the business uses the data.
  • Data analysts  know less about the data itself. However, they understand how the business uses the data and incorporates it into analytics.
  • Data scientists  delve deeper into the data to mine for exciting results. They are finding new ways for the business to use the data.

In addition, the business teams need to interpret the data correctly to determine the subsequent actions. They require transparency into processes and further knowledge transfer. Effective use of data requires bringing all this knowledge and skill together in a collaborative process to engineer your data for the most significant impact.

Most data transformation tools created are for SQL-savvy data engineering teams with highly technical skills. 

The user experience is one of a technical Interactive Development Environment (IDE). Less technical team members are encouraged to improve their SQL skills. Consequently, team members who have knowledge and skills about the data are then left out until they do so.

Why Datameer

Datameer  offers a data modeling and transformation tool. Datameer lets anyone on the data and analytics teams, regardless of technical skills, work with the data:

  • The multi-persona  code (SQL), low-code (formulas), and no-code (graphical)  toolset allows any team member to model, blend, shape, and enrich data. Producing the most accurate and actionable results and is inclusive of less-technical team members.
  • A rich suite of catalog-like data documentation features allows the entire team to  share knowledge,  including auto-generated documentation and properties and user-supplied documentation such as  descriptions, tags, comments, and business metadata.
  • Collaborative processes and workspaces . Team members can work together to model and transform data—each using their unique skills and expertise about the data to get the best results.

Do you want to explore these unique data modeling and transformation capabilities with Datameer? Sign up for your free trial today!

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