Datameer Product Update – July 2022

  • John Morrell
  • July 6, 2022

Datameer has released its latest version of its flagship platform – Datameer SaaS for data transformation.  This new release includes numerous new features for transforming data, managing and deploying projects, and user interface innovations.  The specific new features include:

  • The ability to clone/copy a project.  Cloned are the data sources as well as all transformations. Not cloned are the published assets, scheduling configuration and Project descriptions, tags and properties, and collaborators. The cloned Project is owned by the user who cloned the Project.
  • Bulk removal of unused data sources.  Unused data sources within projects can now be removed in bulk to speed the clean up of projects and improve the job performance.
  • A new data profiling tab in a project workspace that allows users to view data profiling information on a separate tab and on-demand profiling and binning for data and numeric columns.
  • Auto-formatting of SQL statements written in the SQL editor for easier readability and a new data preview in the SQL editor for SQL data transformation statements. 
  • A number of new data transformation user experience improvements including:
    • The ability to exchange input data nodes inside a project data flow.
    • Automatic propagation of schema changes to downstream nodes.
    • Data previews and statistics are now generated and viewable when SORT or FILTER no-code operations are performed within a node.
    • Additional aggregate functions: Any, ApproxCount, Kurtosis, Median, Mode, Skew, StdDev, StdDevPop, VarPop, and Var .
    • JOIN recommendations on demand to speed JOIN design.
  • The  ability to see and maintain project and view deployment history.
  • New APIs to trigger and orchestrate table materialization.
  •   A new home user interface with new coloring.
  • Design and wording improvements for error messages, dropdown chevron and hints.
  • New auto-naming conventions for nodes in the project workspace flow area based on the type of transformation applied (e.g. filter, aggregate, etc.)

The new product updates will further improve your user experience, speed your data modeling and transformation process, and make deployment of your data transformation models into Snowflake easier and more seamless.

To see these new features first hand, please register for a free 14-day trial of Datameer SaaS.  You can also register for our upcoming webinar, Snowflake native data transformation for analytics , to see the entire product and new features.