Grey : Datameer Earns AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status

Datameer Earns AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status

  • Press Release
  • July 16, 2019

The Designation puts Datameer at the forefront of data preparation and analytics in the AWS ecosystem.

SAN FRANCISCOJuly 16, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — Datameer, the world’s leading data transformation solution, today announced it had achieved AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status, a designation given to select companies that have demonstrated their ability to help customers unlock the full potential of their data using the latest services and technologies available on AWS.

The AWS Big Data Competency distinction is given to companies that are part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and have proven that they possess a deep level of expertise in several different categories—including data integration, data management, advanced analytics, and data analysis and visualization—and that they can seamlessly deliver solutions on AWS.

“As a company on the forefront of data preparation in the cloud, we couldn’t do what we do without the powerful services that AWS provides,” says Claudine Lagerholm, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Datameer. “Many of our customers already use Amazon Redshift as a cloud data warehouse and rely heavily on Amazon EC2 and other services, such as Amazon SageMaker for their machine learning initiatives. Datameer is committed to helping each of our joint customers to achieve their analytics goals using AWS.”

One such example is Pairity, an AI-driven fintech company that optimizes accounts receivables and helps debt collectors increase collections. In addition to Datameer, the company’s tech stack includes Amazon RedshiftAmazon Comprehend, a natural language processing service, and Amazon SageMaker, a machine learning modeling tool.

“Datameer has helped us make the most out of all of our data using the innovative services found in AWS,” explains Cam Byrd, CIO of Pairity. “With Datameer, we can prepare and analyze all of our data, wherever it lives and at scale, with one tool—right in AWS.”

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

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About Datameer

Datameer, a leader in data transformation solutions, offers the industry’s first collaborative, multi-persona SaaS data transformation platform integrated into Snowflake.  The multi-persona product brings together your entire team – data engineers, analytics engineers, analysts, and data scientists – on a single platform to collaboratively transform and model data for faster projects.  Datameer is a trusted platform for leading enterprises globally, including Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada, British Telecom, Bank of Montreal, Aetna, Optum, Morningstar, Vivint, and more.  To learn more, please visit

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