Can you run an Alteryx workflow from the command line?

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  • July 15, 2021

Yes, you can run an Alteryx workflow from the command line. This is less expensive than Alteryx Server as it does not require a license that enables API & Command Line w/ Scheduler.

With many things to configure, it can sometimes be very challenging to launch a pre-built Alteryx workflow without launching the Designer.

Workflow can be run from the command line using AlteryxEngineCmd.exe at the root of the Alteryx program file.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss how to run an Alteryx workflow from the command line in the following aspects.

Include Alteryx root path to the computer environment variables

Firstly, you must include the Alteryx root path in your computer’s Path System Variables to launch a workflow from the command line.

While accessing and configuring your environment variables may differ depending on the operating system; the overall procedure is as follows:

Search sysdm.cpl in your computer search box and click the Advanced tab in the new window.

Click Environment Variables then navigate to path under system variables, then edit.

Click New in the environment window and type the path below in the new line added at the bottom;

C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin

To make changes take effect, click OK on all open windows and restart the computer.

Engine Options

With engine options, we invoke the published command-line interface (AlteryxEngineCmd.exe) to run an app or a workflow.

Run analytic apps

The first and simplest option is to save the file as an “App” and then run it from the command line using the Alteryx engine executable, passing its parameters via XML file.

You first create an AppValues.xml file by building an Analytics app in the Alteryx interface. You open Interface Designer >Test View > View and type the XML in the editor. The file is then saved as an XML file.

This function will then run and configure the analytic app (.yxwz) by use of the parameters in the AppValues.xml created. 

AlteryxEngineCmd.exe MyAnalyticApp.yxwz AppValues.xml


The second option is to invoke the command-line interface to run a workflow. The function below helps batch a set of workflows that must be run in sequence.

AlteryxEngineCmd.exe MyWorkflow.yxmd 

If you saved the workflow without enabling the AMP engine, you have the /amp option to run the workflow using the AMP Engine on Windows platforms. The /amp option has the same effect as the Use AMP Engine checkbox on the Runtime tab of the designer interface. Below is an example;

AlteryxEngineCmd.exe MyWorkflow5.yxmd 

You can run an Alteryx workflow from the command line with these suggestions.

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