A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Snowflake Data Into Google Data Studio (with Images)

  • Ndz Anthony
  • January 19, 2023

This article details a step-by-step guide to get your Snowflake data into Google data studio.

Let’s begin…

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is a well-versed quote by the Father of Business (Peter F. Drucker). These words must guide every person involved in the field of Business intelligence as growing collection and reliance on data by businesses worldwide have necessitated enhanced data management solutions.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud provides a single cloud-based solution for data management needs. It is a one-stop shop for creating a data lake, warehousing, engineering, application development, and data sharing.

Like all these processes, data visualization enables you to structure, identify trends, and obtain metrics from your data via Analysis, which are then displayed as reports and utilized to understand your data better.

A free tool with countless options for producing and modifying reports from your created data pool, Google Data Studio (Looker) is one of the greatest tools to display your marketing data from any data warehouse.

So, in this article, we will see a step-by-step process to integrate Snowflake Data with Google Data Studio effectively.


  • Snowflake Account
  • Google Data Studio (Looker) Account
  • Basic understanding of both Looker and Snowflake platforms


Connecting your Snowflake account with Google Data Studio (Looker).


Step 1 – Sign in to Google Looker Studio.

snowflake data into Google data studio


Step 2 – Click +, then select Data Sources.

snowflake data into Google data studio


Step 3 – Search “Snowflake” in the search bar. Under the Partner Connectors section, select the Snowflake connector (the connector with the Snowflake logo).

snowflake data into Google data studio


Step 4 – If required, authorize Google Looker Studio to use this community connector.

snowflake data into Google data studio


Step 5 – Enter the following Snowflake user credentials to connect to Snowflake:

  • Username
  • Password


Step 6 – Click Submit.



Step 7 – Provide the following parameters required to connect to your Snowflake account:

  • Account URL
  • Role
  • Warehouse
  • Database
  • Schema
  • SQL query



Step 8 – Click Connect.


Step 9 – Click Create Report or Explore to visualize your data.

snowflake data into Google data studio

That’s it. Kudos! The Snowflake data is successfully imported into the Google Data Studio platform.

Efficient Data Transformation in Looker Studio Using Datameer

As we have seen, integrating Snowflake data into Google Data Studio is easy and gradual, but the real game begins after that. Integration is simple, but maintaining and expressing data representations in reports requires expertise. Even so, with the aid of this wonderful program, “Datameer,” you can create and manage a visualization that is worthwhile to present.

Datameer provides an innovative data modeling and transformation toolset that involves non-coders in the analytic engineering process and encourages collaboration between citizen data users and engineers to accelerate the creation and delivery of datasets for analytics, machine learning, and reporting.

Here are a few things which Datameer can help you within the complete data analysis, transformation, and visualization process:

  1. Data curation is more than preparation.

    Vital role in helping data deliver on their promise. And it is important to recognize that curation is much larger than simply data preparation. If applied properly, data curation utilizes a bottom-up approach to turn any raw data into information that produces useful analytics and can easily be consumed.

  2. Data profiling

    Datameer maintains a deep data profile that is expressed visually to users so they can see the full shape and contents of the data as they transform it. This allows users to identify invalid, missing, or outlying fields and values.

  3. Discard data you don’t need.

      Much of the raw data contains fields/columns not needed in the analysis, especially if the data transformation queries are specific to one use case.

  4. Eliminate data preparation siloes

    Identify inconsistencies within your snowflake dataset and establish governance. 

  5. Modeling

    Model your Snowflake Data before consumption in Looker studio.

  6. Easier data enrichment

    Datameer’s spreadsheet-like UI and ability to easily add file-based data make it much easier to enrich data. Adding new, enriched columns is led by an easy, wizard-driven formula builder.

  7. Full Data Transformation Suite:  Using the broad collection of graphical formulae and functions, you can fully enrich analytics datasets to add even more flavor to your study.

These processes are highly important and critical during the data transformation process, and Datameer is a product you need to definitely give a try and see the magic itself.

Want to know more about Data Transformation processes in Datameer?

Here’s a Quick start guide and trial you can freely sign up for.

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