Big data analytics, smarter

Datameer pioneered point and click big data integration, analytics and visualization and now with Smart Analytics, we make smart data discovery as easy as drag-and-drop.

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    Visually Explore Your Data to Identify Patterns

  • Clustering

    With clustering (a K-means algorithm) Datameer automatically finds non-obvious but related groups within your data by automating the process of identifying and measuring common attributes within the dataset. The obvious benefit is that if you can segment your data into groups, you can treat the groups differently.

    For example, drag-and-drop to identify groups in:

    Customer databases Health records
    Text documents Social media
    Product libraries Online gaming logs
    POS data Clickpaths

  • Data Mining

  • Machine learning
  • Decision trees

    Datameer’s decision trees help you understand the different combinations of data attributes that result in a desired outcome. Decision trees are often used when enriching a dataset with additional data sources to optimize a process for a better outcome. The structure of the decision tree reflects the structure that is possibly hidden in your data.

    For example, find out what common attributes influence:

    Disease risk Online signups
    Fraud risk Root-cause
    Customer churn Product conversions

  • Column dependencies

    Want to know how strongly a single data attribute like age, location, or gender, relates to other data attributes like income, college degree, or credit score? The column dependency algorithm automatically compares every possible data attribute combination and visually ranks the strengths of those relationships so you can instantly see where to focus further. Those relationships are important themselves and is often used to help target further analysis.

    For example, see the relationship between:

    Title and purchase amount Age and disease type
    Transaction type and frequency Account age and product type
    Location and product selection Age and number of SMS messages
    Average session length and virtual goods purchase

  • Machine Learning

  • Recommendation Engine
  • Recommendation engine

    Datameer’s recommendation engine automatically predicts interests of a person based on historical observations of similar people’s interests so you can increase engagement, recommend more relevant choices, increase customer satisfaction, and more.

    For example, predict interest in:

    Music Products
    Movies Documents
    Content Applications
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