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Datameer Enterprise

Big Data Analytics, as a Service

Big Data Analytics for Your Enterprise

Empower your organization to ingest, combine, prepare, analyze and visualize any amount of data from any data source to transform your business into an agile, insights-driven organization. Running on top of your favorite Hadoop distribution, Datameer is the only enterprise-grade big data platform your business needs to make fast, data-driven decisions.

Pricing and Features

Enterprise Ask Us for pricing
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Users Unlimited
HadoopAny Hadoop distribution
Support AvailableOnline, Email & Phone
Services AvailableTraining & Consulting
Security MonitoringEnterprise Grade Security & Monitoring
Data Integration
Connections, Imports, Data Links, File Uploads Yes
Exports Yes
Data Sources
HTTP(S), (S)FTP, S3, SSH Yes
Databases Yes
Web services Yes
Hive, Impala Yes
File Types
Basic File Types Yes
AVRO, Cobol Copybook, Sequence File, Parquet Yes
Other Data Connectivity Capabilities
Native Tableau format Download Yes
Avro Export Yes
FS Encryption Yes
Functions, Joins, Filter, Union Yes
Data Profiling Yes
PMML Support
Visualization / Infographics
Visualization Library Yes
Mobile Access Yes
Public Sharing Yes
Remote Embedding Yes
Data Management
Partitioning Yes
Custom Hadoop Yes
Monitoring / Automation
Custom Log Severity & Logging Customization Yes
Email Notifications Yes
Detailed Job Graph Yes
Cluster Health Check Yes
Detailed Volume Ingest Reports Yes
User Activity / Behavior Log Yes
Built-In User Management Yes
Artifact & Full Data Result Permissions and Sharing Yes
Custom Roles Yes
Plugin SDK Yes