What is big data analytics?

It is the ability to ask and answer questions based on all your data, without limitations.

Datameer can take you from simple joins and transforms to complex predictive analytics. Anyone can use the point and click functions, or become an expert and write your own functions.

  • Complex data, simple solution

    Big data analytics and transformation

    Datameer provides the most complete solution to analyze structured and unstructured data. Not limited by a pre-built schema, the point and click functions means your analytics are only limited by your imagination. Even the most complex nested joins of a large number of datasets can be performed using an interactive dialog. Mix and match analytics and data transformations in unlimited number of data processing pipelines. Leave the raw data untouched.

  • Big Data Analytics Formula Builder

  • What is Big Data Analytics?
  • Visual at every step of analysis

    Understand the shape of your data

    Analysts can now “flip” any spreadsheet to instantly see a visual profile of their data. The flip side view ultimately streamlines the big data analytics workflow, and frees up time for analysts and data scientists to investigate and discover new use cases. Analysts can view the data type, count, max, min, uniqueness, mean and average to understand the shape and quality of their data at every step of the analytics process.

  • Web analytics: beyond just
    counting users

    Increase conversions

    Move the needle on web site conversions by combining web traffic data with social media, marketing, sales and other data. Web analytics should be about the effect, not just the number of clicks. Datameer brings a rich set of functions that allows you to see insights across any set of data sources.

    Functions such as sessionization, click path, and url parameter extraction can give you a more complete picture of visitor interaction and helps you to deliver a more personalized user experience and increase conversion rates.

  • Analysis of Big Data

  • Big Data Analytics Infographic
  • Time series analytics: data driven

    Endless correlations

    Datameer turbocharges time series analytics by correlating multiple sets of complex, disparate data. Resulting analytics are endless including correlation of credit card transactions with card holder authorizations, network traffic data, marketing interaction data and many more. The end game is a clear window into the operations of your business, giving you the actionable insights you need to make business decisions. It is the big data analytics made easy in every step.

  • Predictive analytics and data mining

    Predictive scoring for Hadoop

    The Zementis Universal PMML Plug-in for Datameer brings together essential technologies, offering the best combination of open standards and scalability for the application of predictive analytics for big data. The Plug-in fully supports the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), the de facto standard for data mining applications, which enables the integration of predictive models from IBM/SPSS, SAS, R, and many more.

    Hadoop and R code

    View the video where Hans Henning Gabriel, one of Datameer's Data Scientist, explains how to call R code from within Datameer for advanced Hadoop analytics.


    Big Data Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
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