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    Now you never have to waste precious time by starting from scratch. Anyone can simply browse the Analytics App Market, download an app, connect to data, and get instant results. But why stop there? Every application is completely open so you can customize it, extend it, or even mash it up with other applications to get the insights you need.

    Built by data scientists, analysts, or subject matter experts, analytic apps range from horizontal use cases like email and social sentiment analysis to vertical or even product-specific applications like advanced sales-cycle analysis.

    Check out the app market and even request an app today. It’s like starting a marathon at mile 25.

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    Analytic apps from any data

    You got what it takes to build custom analytics, so why not share what you create with the world, and get rewarded for your expertise? With Datameer, all it takes to turn your work into an app is a single right-click. Every time a user purchases your app from the App Market, they get insights, and you get paid.

    Getting started is as easy as selecting one of Datameer’s 40+ native data connectors. Connect your data, point-and-click your way through analysis, and visualize data. Right-click, publish as an app, and your app is in the market.

    Apps for social media analytics

  • Social Trending Topics

    Analyzing Twitter data

  • Social Statistics

    Analyzing Facebook data

  • Professional Network Analytics

    Analyzing LinkedIn data

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