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Big Data Analytics for Big Data Discovery

Datameer is the only end-to-end big data analytics application purpose-built for Hadoop
that enables the fastest time from raw data to new insights

Our mission is to simplify the complexity of big data analytics and empower everyone to make data-driven decisions in minutes, not months.
We believe you shouldn’t need a data scientist or multiple, technical tools to model, integrate, cleanse, prepare, analyze and visualize your data.
Datameer is the one-stop-shop for getting all your data into Hadoop, analyzing that data, and visualizing your results.

Big Data Integration

Integrate All Your Data

You have a lot of data, in lots of different formats, in lots of different locations. Some of it is in the cloud, some of it is in various legacy databases, some of it is in spreadsheets on your desktop. You’ve got big data. Hadoop can help, but you don’t speak Hadoop, and you don’t have the time or resources to find someone who does. That’s where Datameer comes in. Datameer makes integrating all your data into Hadoop as easy as following a wizard.

With built-in connectors to all common structured and unstructured data sources, big data integration is an easy, three step process of where, what and when. Once you tell Datameer what data you want brought in to Hadoop, all you need to do is decide how you want it brought in, whether it’s a one-time import or streamed in as new data is added or on a schedule determined by you. Say goodbye to ETL and pre-defined schemas. This is the new data integration reality for Hadoop big data analytics.

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Big Data Analytics

Analyze All Your Data — Smarter and Faster

With Datameer, big data analytics is as simple as using a spreadsheet. Our data integration wizards make it easy to integrate all of your data into Hadoop. And once it’s in Hadoop, there’s no limit to what you can do with analytics. We don’t use pre-defined schemas, so you can ask any question about any data at any time. Building an analysis is as simple as selecting which data to work with in a spreadsheet, choosing from over 250 pre-built analytic functions available in Datameer, and iterating at the speed of thought, using Datameer’s patented Smart Sampling™ technology. This flexibility and ease of use makes Datameer the ideal application for big data discovery in Hadoop.

When you’re ready to run your workbook, Datameer’s patent pending Smart Execution™ technology intelligently and dynamically selects and combines computation frameworks to achieve maximum performance for your analytics task. Smart Execution™ improves performance and cluster utilization by selecting the most appropriate and efficient compute framework for each step of your analysis, and using in-memory technology to process smaller data sets.

At any time, you can click to view the “flip side” of your spreadsheet for an instant, visual profile of your data. This allows you to instantly detect data quality issues, understand the effect of every transformation you make, adjust your analysis as you go, and ensure there are no surprises in your final visualization.

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Big Data Visualization

Visualize All Your Data

Communicating the results of your Hadoop big data analysis is easy in Datameer’s WYSIWYG Business Infographic Designer. Instead of being constrained to box after box of charts and graphs, Datameer provides you with a blank HTML5 canvas to design beautiful infographics or reports that will automatically update every time your data updates. You can import any image, embed a video, write free-form text, and customize to no end. Even better, thanks to HTML5, your visualizations are consumable on any device. Gone are the days when you had to take a screenshot of your dashboard and annotate in PowerPoint.

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