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Telecom carriers are faced with a tough challenge: meeting consumers’ insatiable appetite for more bandwidth, more data, higher network speeds, better streaming quality, more service coverage, and increased reliability—all at a competitive rate.

Datameer is a powerful SaaS data transformation platform that runs in Snowflake – your modern, scalable cloud data warehouse – that combines to provide a highly scalable and flexible environment to transform your data into meaningful analytics.  With Datameer, you can:

  • Allow your non-technical analytics team members to work with your complex data without the need to write code using Datameer’s no-code and low-code data transformation interfaces,
  • Easily combine large volumes of captured data with master and other data to create context-rich, meaningful datasets for analysis,
  • Fully enrich analytics datasets to add even more flavor to your analysis using the diverse array of graphical formulas and functions,
  • Generate rich documentation and add user-supplied attributes, comments, tags, and more to share searchable knowledge about your data across the entire analytics community,
  • Use the catalog-like documentation features to crowd-source your data governance processes for greater data democratization and data literacy,
  • Maintain full audit trails of how data is transformed and used by the community to further enable your governance and compliance processes,
  • Deploy and execute data transformation models directly in Snowflake to gain the scalability your need over your large volumes of data while keeping compute and storage costs low.

Let’s explore different areas where Datameer helps telecommunications carriers.

Transform Data in Snowflake With Datameer.


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Optimizing Network Capacity

For telecommunications companies, infrastructure costs are a significant driver of profit and loss. By integrating and analyzing various data—such as subscriber, network, and location data—telecom companies can gain new insights that improve their current network capacity planning. This unique panorama allows them to optimize their network capacity and forecast utilization rates with more precision.

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Improving the Customer Experience

Addressing potential issues early in the customer lifecycle is critical for long-term retention. Leading telecom companies use Datameer to aggregate and analyze product logs and customer call records across networks. These companies gain insights that measure carrier performance against SLAs and the quality of services delivered to the end-user, allowing them to identify ways to reduce overall customer churn.

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Streamlining Service Operations

Telecoms can decrease operating expenses by finding ways to reduce expensive in-person service calls and resolve customer issues during the first contact. By integrating, analyzing, and visualizing disparate big data sources—such as customer contracts, call center records, and agent behavior—Datameer’s big data analytics capabilities help you identify avoidable truck rolls, reduce overall service costs, and improve customer service.

The future of your organization is hidden in your data.

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