Datameer in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with providers challenged to increase the quality of care and streamline their operations. New patient data sources can generate insights to accomplish all of this. Datameer helps industry leaders such as Cardinal Health and Cotiviti analyze their big data to find new insights and transform the healthcare experience.

Improve Experiences and Outcomes

With big data analytics, you can provide an exceptional healthcare experience by monitoring, analyzing and improving your services in new ways. At the same time, big data analytics helps improve patient care quality and safety by giving you immediate access to consolidated diagnostic information, which reduces opportunities for medical errors.


Leading enterprises standardize on Datameer


Increase Operational Efficiency

When you bring together all of your data from resource utilization, materials stocking levels, purchasing options and more, you can use Datameer to proactively identify cost inefficiencies, waste, risk and streamline steps in processes.

Operational Efficiency
Payments and Cash Flow

Streamline Payments and Cash Flow

If your organization participates in the new value-based and shared-risk reimbursement models, big data healthcare analytics can provide the insights you need to proactively manage the bottom line. The better you can diagnose what’s wrong, the sooner you can take steps to systematically improve clinical effectiveness and bring KPIs into alignment to meet your financial goals.

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