Data Governance Technical Brief

As big data moves toward greater mainstream adoption, its compliance with long-standing enterprise standards and industry regulations is becoming increasingly important.


About the Ebook

Quality and Consistency

Data quality and consistency are imperative when it comes to ultimately extracting value from big data.


Data Policies and Standards

Data access policies are the first line of defense against risk for businesses. For IT, the goal is to implement policies that allow them to manage risk appropriately, while still meeting business needs.

Security and Privacy

True Big Data security needs to exceed that of the Hadoop Distributed File System’s built-in capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Across several industries, there are legal imperatives for Big Data governance. From Sarbanes Oxley, to Basel, to HIPAA and PCI compliance, without strict data governance functionality, big data technologies can’t be deployed in some environments.

Retention and Archiving

In Datameer, flexible retention rules allow each imported data set's retention policy to be configured by an individual set of rules.